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最受英国大学欢迎的 A-Levels 科目搭配

A-Levels是基于英国教育体系并在马来西亚很受欢迎的大学预科课程。 A-Levels 的教学大纲是通过对多个研究领域的深入研究,并帮助学生为取得英国大学学位做好准备。 A-Levels 还具有备受推崇的全球认证,因此英国以外的大学多数都接受 A-Level 毕业的学生。 什么是 A-Levels? A-Levels 是 100% 以考试为基础的课程,学生们需要根据自己的兴趣和未来想要的学位课程…
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Best A-Levels Combinations UK Universities Love

A-Levels is a well-known pre-university programme in Malaysia based on the UK education system. A-Levels’ syllabus prepares students for a UK university degree through in-depth study of multiple areas of studies. A-Levels also have the benefit of being a well-respected global qualification, so universities outside of the United Kingdom will also accept A-Level…
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