The Future of Political Science

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Do you find yourself intrigued by conversations discussing law, policy, and trade? Do the subjects of social justice and political debate interest you? Do you find yourself asking questions about what the impact of your government has on the economy of your country, why some policies are easier to change than others, and why the political institutions of your country even matter? 

If so, then perhaps political science just might be the right major for you!

What is Political Science?

In a nutshell, political science is the study of politics and power. This study is focused on understanding political ideas, institutions, policies, governments, strategies, and the behaviour of war. This programme is valuable not only for becoming a well-rounded citizen but also for your future career. It opens doors for you to work within government sectors and in the media industry. 

Political science deals with the foundations of the political community and the purpose of political association. You get to learn about the history of political thoughts and have opportunities to make original contributions to the problems of the world. In this major, you get to learn how to deal with international relations and study the relationships between countries as well as the laws of international affairs. 

With a degree in political science, you will be given the chance to understand the policies that affect everyone’s lives. Moreover, the skills you gain from the critical analysis used throughout this course will be useful for both your personal and professional life. 

How Does Political Science Affect the World?

In the country you are currently living in, you must be well aware of the political issues that are around you. There may be policies you disagree with, but there are also some that you praise. These passed legislations you find yourself agreeing with were completed by professionals who started out in the same place you’re in right now. You’re looking for a way to challenge the current bills that you may find yourself disagreeing with, and that you believe should be changed. 

The role that political science can offer you in this area is provide you with a complete knowledge and understanding of how the current laws are in place, thus giving you a bigger picture on how you can make a difference in the areas you believe in. 

Moreover, the study of political science can give people what the current political establishment can or cannot do. This provides its students with an opportunities to explore alternative ways to approach real-world issues. The study as a whole can provide its students the preparation that need to become a participative citizen to the nation. By learning the in-and-outs of the political industry, students of this major will help them be able to learn the necessary foundations of their rights and reveal to them the importance of political participation. By becoming politically literate, students can study on the effective ways they can partake in the political activities of their country.  

What Will You Study in Political Science?

As for what you can expect to study in political science, here is a brief list of subjects you may take:

  • Research & Writing in Political Science
  • Political Analysis
  • Comparative European Politics
  • Environment, Human Security, and Conflict
  • International Terrorism
  • Media and Politics
  • Political Leadership and Executive Government
  • Theories of Social Justice
  • Fundamental Ideas in Philosophy
  • Political Belief and Deceit
  • Australian Political Instituion
  • Gender and Politics

You may also expect to undergo your internship to gather real-life experiences of the political world. Australian universities have industry projects where you will be presented with collaboration opportunities with leading organisations to work on real-world projects. These may be taken extensively or as a semester-long project. 

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What are Your Career Options with a Political Science Degree?

It is relatively obvious that with a degree in political science, you can expect your career route to be headed towards government sectors. Here is a brief list of job placements you can pursue with a degree in political science:

  • Diplomat
  • Lawyer
  • Legislative assistant
  • Political scientist
  • Political consultant
  • Policy analyst 
  • Professor of political science

However, just because you have a degree in political science, it can also be possible for you to work in non-government sectors. Below is a brief list of career opportunities you can find that is not directly involved with the government:

  • Social media manager
  • Social worker
  • Campaign manager
  • Human Resource
  • Journalist/reporter
  • Financial analyst
  • Public relations officer

What are the Companies You Can Work for with a Political Science Degree?

As you have read from above, political science is an extremely valuable study to pursue. Not only is the knowledge of the political industry a prized talent, but the transferable skills you develop in this degree provides you with the edge you need to be a pursued candidate. 

With a political science degree, you develop skills in research, analysis, debate, as well as critical thinking and listening. 

These soft skills can make you an eligible candidate to work for the following companies in Australia:

  • Australian Banking Association
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • ASIC 
  • Australian Government of Defence
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • The MITRE Corporation
  • University of Melbourne

General Entry-Requirement to Study Political Science

The following table below contains the details you need to complete in order to be an eligible candidate for this degree. 


Minimum Requirements





International Baccalaureate (IB)


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English Entry-Requirements to Study Political Science

In the table below, you can find the minimum requirements you need to fulfill for your English tests in order to become an eligible candidate for this degree. Do take note that the requirements may differ for varying universities. 


Minimum Requirements


6.0 each band


6.5 overall


17 – for Listening, Reading, & Speaking

19 – for Writing


85 overall


54 each band


61 overall

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Top Universities to Study Political Science in Australia

#1 Australian National University


QS World University Ranking

Indicative Fees

  • Bachelor of Political Science
  • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics


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#2 The University of Melbourne


QS World University Ranking

Indicative Fees

Bachelor of Arts (Major in Politics and International Studies)


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#3 The University of Sydney


QS World University Ranking

Indicative Fees

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations)


Local Students:  A$14,630

International Students: A$45,000

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