Things To Do Before Applying to University

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What you should know before applying to university?

Choosing to continue your higher education is a big decision for anyone to make. There is a lot that must be taken into consideration before taking that step. 

Here are a few things you should know as an individual applying to university:

1. Have a goal. What degree do you want to do?

 If you are someone who has always had one specific goal in mind or a career to follow, then this step is quite easy for you. However, there are those who may need to have a thorough discussion with their family or friends regarding their future, and this will help them establish their end goal and what they want out of higher education.

Then there are some who are slightly confused about what they want to do or what they want to study. This is where step 2 comes in.

2. Do your research. Which university is the best for your degree?

The second most important thing to do after you have established your list of goals is to do some research. Your end goal or chosen career path will ideally depict the areas in which you must continue your studies. Each university has a wide range of study areas to choose from, and you can read and gain basic knowledge about each of those subjects, courses and outcomes. 

3. Don’t forget to check the entry requirements for university.

Another important factor to consider is that each university has a different entry requirement. Therefore, once you have done your research and picked out the top choices for your preferred study area, do read through the entry requirements for each university to see whether you are eligible to apply for that particular course.

Alongside the entry requirements, deadlines for applications will be provided by each university. This will help you to avoid any additional unnecessary documentation and application fees.

4. University Application Process.

Once you have all the information ready as mentioned above, you can start with your application process. Once again, it is important to read through the universities requirements regarding documentation.

It is crucial to have all of the necessary supporting documents such as your examination results, transcripts and if needed, recommendation letters. It is highly recommended that you start compiling all the documentation ahead of time to ensure a smooth application process.

5. Tuition Fees for University.

Another important factor is the tuition fee to be paid annually. Every university has a different indicative fee and you can receive a breakdown of it so you can go through it carefully. This will help you and your family gain a better understanding of what really constitutes your fee, such as administration costs or student union fees and understand the financial commitment for you and your family.

6. Find Accommodation: On campus vs Off Campus.

Every university provides a variety of options when it comes to living abroad. You can choose between on-campus or off- campus. However, what’s most important as a student is to ensure safety and security wherever you live whilst also getting the “home away from home” feeling. Most housing is modern, furnished and provides privacy. You have the option of choosing between apartments, village housing, flats, studio apartments or even living with a family while studying abroad.

Cost of accommodation varies depending on whether you choose on or off campus housing, location and type of room. It is also important to look into other factors surrounding the decision of choosing your accommodation, such as, convenience and close proximity to your campus. This will also cover things like transportation to go back and forth to your campus.

7. How to pay your university tuition fee?

This is also one of those major decisions that have to be decided carefully. In most cases, family members finance students to study abroad but there are many other circumstances in which the students themselves can self-finance their whole degree, accommodation and even their general expenses. Regardless, there are many financial options offered by the university or the local/international Governments.

For example, many universities provide financial aid to students who find it difficult to make their payments, however, it is important to read the eligibility criteria. In addition, many universities offer academic and sports scholarships, bursaries and student loans.

8. Set up a bank account for your university tuition fee.

If you haven’t already set up a bank account under your name, it is advised to do so before you start your studies. This will help you to transfer money at ease. Most universities make it mandatory to set up a bank account because this will enable you to directly make payments for your tuition fees, accommodation fees or even general expenses. By setting up an account you can also receive/send money to your family or friends.

9. Budgeting for University.

This is definitely something of utmost importance. Every student has different expenditures and financial commitments. In addition to accommodation and tuition fees, you can take some time to make a general breakdown of a daily, weekly or monthly budget. To begin this, you can speak to past students or current students studying on campus, family , friends or even check online for a cost breakdown.

This can include paying for food, outings, transport, clothing, books, and groceries etc. This will help you to manage your finances better and keep you organized throughout your studies.

10. Talk To Us.

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