Top Universities to study Engineering in Australia 2020

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Engineers are considered inventors, scientists, builders and great thinkers who make people’s lives safer and easier. Engineering can be a challenging field of study, however, it is similarly rewarding in terms of career options and financial returns. Engineering is a field where you combine science, technology, math and other areas of study to solve real-world problems. The combination of study areas allows you to be creative and analytical to help improve the state of the world. 

Benefits of Studying Engineering

1. Academic Excellence

Australia is a top choice for International students when it comes to Engineering. Australian Universities guarantee academic excellence and are highly ranked education providers in Australia and globally. As the qualifications are internationally recognized, it increases the chances for you to receive job opportunities from around the world.

2. Employment prospects

Studying in a reputed university in Australia will enable you to grow professionally and intellectually. Australia has a high demand for engineers, therefore, graduates or qualification holders from Australian universities have the chance to work in some of the top companies in Australia.

3. Migrate to Australia

Due to the constant need for engineers in various industries across Australia, those who have a degree in Engineering from Australia are encouraged to apply for migration visa or sponsorship. Many of the job titles related to the field of engineering are listed in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List. Therefore, this increases the chances of gaining Permanent Residency in Australia.

4. Contribution to Society

Engineers make beneficial contributions to society with their infrastructure and other inventions. It is no doubt that our society faces many challenges on a daily basis, however, engineers have made invaluable contributions to ensure the smooth functioning of our society and the well-being of everyone around us. Engineers have invented many designs from oil drills to medical equipment to building safety and transportation systems and much more. Whether you are a part of a small or big project you can take great pride in knowing that it’s going to help everyone around you in someway.

5. Diverse range of Engineering Disciplines

Engineering covers many specialization areas, therefore, you have the option of choosing from a variety of programs that you think is best suited to your skills and aspirations. Engineering disciplines typically cover : Mechanics – Construction of tools, machines, manufacturing facilities, Creation of Trains, Vehicles, Boats and Aircraft, Entertainment sector, Healthcare divisions, Defense and more.

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Engineering Disciplines

The following are a few of the available Engineering disciplines among many. 

Chemical Engineering

This discipline is involved in the design of equipment and processes for various manufacturing plants as well as developing pollution control processes, manufacturing material and pharmaceutical material and plants.

Aerospace Engineering

Engineers in this field focus on areas such as vehicle design, aerodynamics, launching of missiles, satellites and the development of power units.

Civil Engineering

Engineers in this field deal with the designing, creating and maintaining physical and natural built environment such as roads, airports, pipelines, railways, buildings, bridges and more.

Mechanical Engineering

A broad discipline that applies principles of engineering the design, construction and maintenance of devices and sensors. They analyze their work using principles of motion, energy and force and more.

Electrical Engineering

This discipline deals with many components, devices and systems such as microchips to power station generators. It is focused purely on the design, application and designs that use electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Transport Engineering

Focuses on the application of technology to plan and construct functional designs for any mode of transportation.

Software Engineering

This discipline focuses on the design, development and maintenance of software. It overlaps with computer science and management science.

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Top Universities to study Engineering in Australia



Global Subject Ranking

Australian Subject Ranking 


Indicative Annual Fee 2020

University of New South Wales (UNSW)



February and July 

AUD$ 47,760

Monash University



February and July

AUD$ 46,000

University of Technology Sydney



February and July 

AUD$ 44,470

University of Adelaide



February and July 

AUD$ 42,000 – $43,000

Griffith University



February and July

AUD$ 35,500

Western Sydney University 

451 – 500


March and July 

AUD $33,000

Edith Cowan University

Not available

Not available

February and July

AUD$ 30,200

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