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Life can be a little challenging as an international student studying and living in Australia for the first time. Through speaking with international students living here we find the list below as some of the most useful websites you should bookmarked into your smartphone. From buying second-hand text books to finding student discounted deals we have got most of your key concerns covered.

Where can I find good deals for second-hand items?

If you are born in the 90’s, regardless of where you live you would have probably heard of Ebay and Amazon where people buy & sell items. However, in Australia these are some of the most popular website where international students use to trade unwanted goods or to get good bargains from others

Gumtree – Gumtree advertises jobs, second-hand goods, properties and services for people around Australia. If you are an international student in Australia, it can be a good place to search for part-time job opportunities, look for accommodation, sell things you do not need any more or even swap goods

StudentVIP – This is one of Australia’s most popular student platform built for students. You can not only find course tips on the program you are completing but also buy or sell lecture notes and second-hand textbooks. If you need a helping hand to overcome certain assignments, you can also seek out tutors to guide you.

Where can I get psychological support?

We all know that feeling of leaving home and living abroad alone for the first time. You are out of your comfort zone where your family and best friends are miles away back in your home country. Through this experience. sometimes one might be overwhelmed by negative emotion such as depression and anxiety. How and where can you seek for help?

Beyondblue – Beyondblue provides information and support to international students whom are suffering from depression, anxiety and other psychological illness. We all know that it can affect any of us at any time – regardless of our culture or background. We also know that a range of factors can make it harder for people in some communities to seek and access support. If you are going through a tough time or are concerned about someone close to you make sure to connect with Beyondblue to seek for help

Where can I get support for racial abuse?

As the number of international students in Australia continues to rise, with enrolments now making up more than a quarter of the total at some universities. It is inevitable that some unfortunate international students might receive unfair treatment from others. Numerous reports from the local newspaper have indicated some of the key discrimination challenges faced by international students and what should you do when you are facing this obstacle

CISA – CISA is the national peak representative organisation for international students studying in Australia. At a national level, CISA lobbies the federal government, peak education sector bodies and international education organisations to protect international students. Members from CISA will share ideas and methods to deal with discrimination and lobby for new policies which protects the international student community

Where can I find student discounted deals online?

Are you on a tight budget as well? Overspending is an easy habit to get into, especially for overseas students. We often do overspend without realising and are missing the small savings that can quickly add up into a considerable sum of money. Therefore, student discount websites and applications are very necessary, “small savings” can sometimes make big changes. By looking deeper and spending wiser, you can make a real difference to your life, and enjoy your significant savings as well.

UNIDAYS – If you are in Australia, you must try UNIDAYS -It is one of the many student discount websites offering discounted deals for big brands such as Adidas, Vodafone, General Pants, etc. It’s free to join and available as an app. It aims to provide big savings on student essentials from their favourite brands. Next time when you are shopping in town, remember to check out the website first!

Where can I find internship as an international student?

An internship is an excellent way to develop your professional skills and confidence in a work setting. You can build your professional skills and gain practical workplace experience by completing an internship. However, it is always hard to get a good internship in a foreign country because of visa and work length problems.

E2 – E2 provides career development program for international students. It has numerous jobs and internship opportunities available just for international students! Due to visa restrictions and uncertainty, we all know that finding a job related to what you study in Australia is a tough barrier to overcome. The team have been working tireless to educate employers in Australia that international students can do the job better than the locals! Whenever you are running out of steam in finding a job, connect with E2 and see what is out there!

I have been underpaid by my employer, who should I contact to get help?

If you are working in Australia, you must know that employees have to be paid at least their minimum pay rates and entitlements. Some employers will use international students’ lack of language and information to underpay them. To find minimum pay rates and entitlements, you can check the latest minimum wage for international students in Australia, or use the Australian official Pay Calculator.

If you have a specific work rights problem, contact the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), they have all the news and featured information that you may need. You can also call them to get help. Workplace rights work on everyone who works in Australia, make sure that you are getting the fair wage!

I hate my course, by any chances can I change it?

It is especially important that as an international student, you do everything in your power to ensure that you protect your interest. It happens a lot when international students have complaints about their providers (college, University, etc.) and educators (teachers, lecturers, etc.) If your gut feeling tells you that the program that you signed up for did not deliver on its promise either because the quality of education is lacking, or you are being sandwiched in a class of over 50 students. It is time to stop wasting your hard-earned money and switch to something better.

Excel Education – When you have decided to change to a new provider or program where you felt that the course did not suit you or you simply want a new experience in another University – Connect with Excel Education to see what is out there. Bear in mind that credits can be transferred between institution, so we can reduce the duration of your studies in your new University. Whenever you need support for your education and migration needs think of Excel Education.

If you are an international student and want to help the community by recommending other useful websites, write and connect with us! We will make sure to share the fantastic news to the community living in Australia.

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