What Do You Need to Know About American Degree Program (ADP)?

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Whenever the topic transfer degree pops up in a conversation, the first thing that comes up in one’s mind is the amount of money needed to achieve the dream of studying abroad becomes too far to reach. However, with the American Degree Programme (ADP), such visions have become achievable.

What is an American Degree Program (ADP)

An American Degree Program, commonly known as ADP, allows Malaysian students to study the first part of their degree program locally in a private university and the next two years in the States.  

The programme allows Malaysian students who have recently completed their SPM to enrol directly to a degree program without the need of Pre-University courses as a prerequisite. It’s definitely an advantage for students who are focused on completing their degree on the fast track with the ability to study under the American academic structure. 

Most of the ADP programmes offered in Malaysia allow a credit transfer option, which one is allowed to transfer to any universities overseas. Students typically pick to move to the USA, but the ADP enables credit transfers to universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

The Differences between ADP and ADTP

What is The Difference Between Credit Transfer and Twinning Program?


  • Credit transfer: Means that you can transfer to any university of your choice in America to complete your degree.
  • Twinning Program: With a twinning program, the partner university (the university that you’ll obtain your degree from and is usually overseas) will be decided from the beginning of the course.

Why Should You Take ADP/ADTP

  • Provides flexibility: The unique feature of ADP is its flexibility. The course allows you to switch majors within the first two years if you’re still unsettled about which major to pick. Aside from flexibility, the program will enable you to complete your degree at your own pace as you’re allowed to decide on the number of subjects per semester. You can take as little as 2 subjects or max it out to 6 subjects per semester. The faster you complete the credit hours, the quicker you graduate!
  • Fewer Exams: If you’re a person who prefers coursework over exams, then ADP is the best pick for you. The degree program is different from the Malaysian education system as they like to focus on presentations, written papers, group projects and quizzes. You’ll be groomed to possess strong communication and presentation skills at the end of the degree program as most of the time you’ll be working or communicating with someone. 
  • Provides exposure and a broad range of subjects: The ADP program advocates a broad-based education system, where you’ll be required to take subjects outside of your chosen major. For example, a communication student will take courses related to Business and Psychology. This would prepare you to be an all-rounder, especially when entering the working world.

ADP/ADTP Is Not Recommended If

  • You prefer exam-based program: The ADP program works by a ratio of 70% of coursework and 30% exams that contributes to your grade, it would be wise if you scout for different courses if you prefer a heavy exam course. The program emphasizes more on in class and extra co-curricular participation. 
  • If you don’t want to study an unrelated subject: Although the ADP program is excellent for those who are discovering their passion, its advisable for those who have already made up their mind to not pursue ADP as it could be frustrating collecting credits that are unrelated to your major. 
  • You often study last minute: Last-minute studying has pulled most of us from being under the bus, but last-minute cramming would not really work on ADP programs as you’re graded continuously throughout the semester via assignments, tests and presentations.

How do American Universities Work?

There is a vast difference in the American degree programme than the regular Malaysian programme. Since the ADP/ADTP accepts students who have completed SPM as a direct entry for the degree program, it takes 4 years to complete the degree. It can take up either 4 years or 5 ½ years for a regular Malaysian degree, depending on the study path a student chooses.

Freshman (Year 1)

In your year one, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of subjects that are offered in your course. Most universities in America require you to take general education or core classes, which provide you with a vast opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects and not only on your focused major or preferred field of study. This will ensure that at the end of your programme, you’ll graduate with a well-rounded education.

Sophomore (Year 2)

A sophomore is typically known as a second-year student. To be considered as a sophomore student, one should have completed at least a minimum of 30 credit hours (varies according to universities). During this stage, classes tend to get a little more challenging as there are not as many introductory classes as the first year. It’s technically the year, where students usually declare their major for their degree program. 

Junior Year (Year 3)

To be considered a junior, students must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours (varies according to universities). Junior students are deemed to be upperclassmen because they have already been in college for two years. Students will also be working towards completing their compulsory subjects for their degree.

Senior Year (Year 4)

A senior year is usually the fourth and the last year of university. The general rule to be considered a senior one has to complete a minimum of 90 credit hours (varies according to universities) or the entire degree programme successfully. 

Hint: If you’re an American degree transfer programme (ADTP) or an American degree program student, you’d need to complete 110- 140 credit hours to graduate.

Which Countries Can You Get Transferred To?

Entry Requirements To Enroll n ADP/ ADTP

To kick start your journey in the ADP programme, you’ll need the basic requirements which are:





Minimum 5 credits and a pass in Bahasa Malaysia & Sejarah

IGCSE/ O-Levels

Minimum 5 credits 


Minimum 5 Bs

Top Universities To Study ADP or ADTP in Malaysia 2021

Taylor’s University



American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)


January, March & April 

Transfer types 

1 +  3 

Indicative Fees (2021)

RM 55, 000 per year

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL)

Picture Credits : www.mckl.edu.my/gallery/14/Facilities/



American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)


January, April & August 

Transfer types 

1+3 or 2+2

Indicative Fees (2021)

RM 38, 700 per year


Inti International University & Colleges

Picture Credits: www.simplex-d.com/work/inti-college-subang



American University Program (AUP)


January, May, June, August

Transfer types 

1 +  3 or  2 + 2 or  4 + 0 

Indicative Fees (2021)

RM 37, 540 – RM 39, 900 per year

SEGi University

Picture Credits: www.segi.edu.my/visit-segi/



American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)


January & April 

Transfer types 

2 + 2 or  4 + 0

Indicative Fees (2021)

RM 68, 380  per year

Help University

Picture Credits: www.is.vnu.edu.vn/en/help-university



American Degree Program (ADP)


January, March, May, & August

Transfer types 

1 +  3 or 1.5 +  3.5 or 2  +  2

Indicative Fees (2021)

RM 40, 000 per year


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