Why Should You Get A Postgraduate Degree in Malaysia?

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What’s A Postgraduate Degree?

As the name suggests, a postgraduate degree is the qualification you’d find yourself completing after an undergraduate degree. Though, what is it, really? Unbeknownst to most, postgraduate degrees are actually made of several qualifications, namely master degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates, and PhDs. 

Yes, there are multiple kinds of postgraduate degrees but they all grant you the same opportunity to further your studies in a specialised subject and usually, an undergraduate degree is your entry ticket.

Why Should You Get A Postgraduate Degree?

#1 You get to stick out like a sore thumb in your career prospects (in a good way).

Put your CV side by side with another that lacks the postgraduate degree qualification that you have. Surely enough, your CV is going to stand out compared to the rest, yes? With acquired knowledge at a higher level that you currently possess, you’ll more than likely be able to secure a worthwhile graduate job that leaves you qualified for a higher salary. In the end, you’ll reap the rewards that your postgraduate degree has sowed for you.

#2 Higher knowledge, higher career level, higher achievements.

This is an expansion from the first keypoint above. You are now a postgraduate degree holder, you’ve mastered all there is to it, in regards to your course. For that achievement alone, employers will want your skills and knowledge for themselves. From there, it begins. With each new career opportunity, it is only another addition of certified experience and accomplishment to your portfolio.

#3 Boost your personal development in every way possible.

Postgraduate in hand, not everything has to be about your career pathway. Who was the one that made your degree possible? That’s right. You. The same way it’s always been you who pulled through those sleepless nights, and endless streaks of pressure. You will also find yourself growing as a person capable of countless possibilities, the list never ends. With those capabilities, they can also very well be applied in other aspects of your day to day life; time management, distribution of responsibilities, the way your mind works, etc.

#4 Intellectual stimulation is at your disposal, learning never ends.

Think about it. When you enjoy something, you almost never want it to end. Hence, when you have a genuine passion for what you’re studying, you can keep going deeper and deeper only to learn something new. Like everything else in life, it’s all about trial and error. You can have a postgraduate degree and still be wrong about something. Guess what? That’s entirely okay. You would’ve just learned something new again, and this way, there is no end to gaining knowledge.

General Requirements for a Postgraduate Programme in Malaysia

Students who wish to apply for postgraduate courses should have the following, depending upon the courses they are applying for:

Postgraduate Diploma and Certificates

A recognised Bachelor’s degree in any field.

MA, MSc, MIT Courses

A Bachelor’s degree in the revenant field or other recognised qualifications.

MPhil Courses

A recognised Bachelor’s degree in any field.

MBA Courses

A recognised Bachelor’s degree with lower second or upper honours in any field.

Doctorate or PhD Programmes

A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree relevant to the area of research or recognised qualifications equivalent.

Doctor of Business Administration

A minimum requirement of MBA or a recognised Master’s degree.

*The requirements may vary among universities, for enquiries on other entry requirements, contact us!

Career Options with a Postgraduate Programme in Malaysia

You’ve completed your postgraduate degree, congrats and kudos to you. Now, what can you actually do with it? These are examples of careers you can explore (based on the field of studies you went for), but are not limited to:

  • Public Health Consultant
  • Clinical / Forensic Psychologist 
  • School Counsellor
  • IT / Financial Manager
  • Nurse Practitioners 
  • College Professor 

Top Private Universities for Postgraduate Programmes in Malaysia

#1 Taylor’s University

Taylor’s Master of Applied Computing (MAC) programme is directly committed to educating future generations of world-class innovators. Safe to say, critical human capital is developed for the knowledge economy through this programme. There are two specialisations for this programme: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Programme Name



Master of Applied Computing

1 Year

March, August

For more information on course structure, entry requirement, duration, fees and scholarship availability offered at Taylor’s University, contact us!

#2 Monash University

This programme consists of an extensive, independent research project in your discipline of choice that will be supported by a minimum of two academic supervisors through your candidature. Your study will contribute to a research thesis, acting as a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge as well as understanding of your field of research.

Programme Name



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

2 Years

Throughout the year (subject to availability of supervision)

For more information on course structure, entry requirement, duration, fees and scholarship availability offered at Monash University, contact us!

#3 INTI International University

This programme offers a dynamic curriculum that is aligned with current and ongoing issues in business management. Students will be utilising research and analytical problem-solving skills when it comes to producing creative solutions. Not to mention, graduates will be more than able in demonstrating practical, technical and work skills for business practices.

Programme Name



Doctor of Business Administration 

3 Years

January, May, September

For more information on course structure, entry requirement, duration, fees and scholarship availability offered at INTI International University, contact us!

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