Best Indoor Jobs That Could Be Your Top Choice

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When choosing a job, there are a lot of things to be considered, such as;

how much is my salary per month, or;

do I get health insurance, or maybe even;

does my job involve more outdoor or indoor activities? 

The first thing that popped into our mind when hearing the word indoor jobs would probably be:

Office, desk, sitting, bored.

But turns out, indoor jobs aren’t just things related to boredness, it also has plenty of advantages for employees, especially for people that are more likely to work in a controlled environment, love to work behind the desk, or hate going outside. Other than having protection from various weather such as rain, wind, or hot sunshine, here are some of the reasons to choose indoor jobs.

Reasons to choose indoor jobs

  • Ease of Communication

The majority of people would prefer face-to-face interaction rather than keeping in touch through email or text.

When you’re working in an office, it is undoubtedly easier to get in touch and communicate with colleagues, employers, and even your seniors. Furthermore, when you’re working on a project with your teammates, it is easier to keep track of the progress, share ideas, and offer a helping hand to others. Thus, reduce the possibility of miscommunication. 

  • Expand Your Network 

Working in an office allows you to gain the opportunity to know more about the people on your surroundings, thus expanding your network. It is crucial since it allows you to meet more people from different work areas and helps you to understand people better. Moreover, it can develop your relationship with others, from your managers, seniors, to the vendors. Having a large network will boost your interpersonal and communication skills, gain new experiences, and learn something new every day.

  • Personal Space

If you are the type of person that likes to have their own private space, organize your personal things, and need high concentration, then working in an office is perfect for you! You will most likely have your own cubicle with your own personal computer so you can get your work done better and more organized.

  • Time Management

Every office usually has its fixed working hours, lunch, and breaks. If you are someone who is really time-oriented or perhaps someone who struggles to discipline yourself, working in an office would definitely suitable for you. You will not only be able to manage time more efficiently and be more punctual throughout your career, but also sharpen your interpersonal skills.

  • Increase Motivation

When the office is surrounded by hard-working people, you are more likely to be motivated to finish your job better and faster. With the presence of others, it can help you to focus and concentrate more on your job which leads to a positive working environment. 

Finding a suitable job for yourself is never easy. If the reasons above sound convincing for you and match your desire, here are the jobs that we think are perfect for you:

1. Programmer

Nowadays, almost every company in any field depends on technology, and this is when a programmer is needed. Being a programmer means you are most likely to deal with writing and testing codes for certain software or operating system. Therefore, mastering several programming languages such as Python, C++, and Java is important for the job.

A degree in Computer Science (CS) or Information Technology can really help you in pursuing your career as a programmer. Most programmers work in the office, although they can actually work anywhere as long as they got their laptop with them.

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2. Dentist

Are you the type of person that has the inner call to help people and enjoy interactions with clients? Then perhaps dentist is your answer.  

A dentist focuses on how to treat and diagnose a patient’s oral condition that includes teeth, jaw, gum, and tongue. There are lots of specialists that you can take after completing your degree in dentistry such as endodontists (root canal specialist), orthodontist (alignment specialist), pediatric dentist (child’s oral health specialist), and many more. When a dentist is on practice, they usually need to be indoor complete with an air conditioner to make both the doctor and the patient more comfortable.

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3. Accountant

Accountants are necessary for almost every industry. Accountants are people who deal a lot with numbers, money, and final transactions of a business, which means that they must possess a strong grasp of mathematics. If you are interested in jobs that involve a lot of calculations, then this field is perfect for you! Modern accounting is mostly team-based and collaborative. Therefore, accountants are most likely to work together in an office, making them easier to cooperate together. 

Taking a bachelor in accounting and finance in Malaysia could be the first step for you to reach your career to become an accountant.

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4. Nurse

Do you want to work indoors but don’t want to be desk-boundary? If yes, then nurse is one of the answers to that. It doesn’t require you to work behind the desk, but it sure requires you to walk around the office (read: hospitals, or medical center) quite a lot.

A nurse is a job that is dealing with different kinds of patients and their families. Their job includes assisting the physicians, provide pre- and post-operation care, writing records, and many more. Being a nurse requires a lot of patience and hard work due to the long hours of work and managing their emotions. To become a qualified nurse, you need to pursue a Diploma in Nursing, then followed by a 4-years of Degree in Nursing (Pre-Register).

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