What is OSHC and why do you need it when you study in Australia

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Preparing to study in Australia requires some preparation before you arrive here and one of the things you need to know is the importance of Overseas Student Health Cover (a.k.a. OSHC). In summary, OSHC is a health insurance which you need to purchase online before your student visa can be processed.

So, what is OSHC and how many companies out there offers this product? Below, we provide you with comprehensive information about OSHC, why do you need it and which OSHC to purchase before you step into Australia.


The first thing to remember is that all international students studying in Australia are required to purchase the OSHC before coming to Australia and this product can be purchased through your University, through an authorised agent or directly. There are pros and cons in each purchasing option which we will explain in detail below –

Purchasing through University

Purchasing directly through the University often offers you the convenience of claiming your health benefit – imagine if you are sick and you visit a doctor, you can claim the amount spent on visiting the doctor somewhere close to your university. However, the University often offers the premium product (in most cases are the most expensive ones) If you are not one that falls to illness easily you might be over paying for this product.

Purchasing directly

Okay, now you have gone on google and compared the prices of various options and have decided on the cheapest. However, the most common mistake made by students is by purchasing the wrong length of the health insurance which can result in the failure of obtaining your student visa. It is necessary for students to purchase the date which covers the day you arrive Australia and 60 days after you complete your studies. If you purchase anything less, it will have impact on your student visa approval.

Purchasing through an authorised agent

This is the most recommended option because –

a. An authorised agent will navigate through the dozens of options out there and choose the best (and often the cheapest) product for you

b. We can also do some research and analysis of where is the closest OSHC support centre to your University or residential location

c. In some unique cases where you manage to fast track your studies and reduce the duration of your education (e.g. you took some extra subjects during the University break) an Authorised agent can also assist you to claim back the additional fees paid to your OSHC provider. You will be able to save hundreds if not thousands on your medical health insurance.

Through the most recent analysis we have identified the Allianz OSHC to offer the best value and convenience for international students studying in Australia. Below are details of what is covered in the OSHC –

Product Details

To understand how much it cost to purchase the OSHC, simply visit the website and include the date you will be arriving Australia and 60 days after your final examination. 

Another popular myth by international student is wanting to know how the claim process works for OSHC. The first thing to remember is that if the doctor you have visit is not part of the direct billing network, you will need to pay the doctor upfront and then make a claim via the following method –

1. My OSHC Assistant app

• Download the App and submit a claim through the platform. You will be required to upload your payment receipt

2. Online Claim

• Electronic lodgement using the interactive form on a dedicated website

3. Manual Claim

• Complete a form (which you can download online), then scan and email to us along with the original receipts

4. Cash Claim

• Processed by the on-campus representative (limited to $105 in benefits payable)

• Redeemable at Australia Post outlets

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