Robotics and Mechatronics Degree in Malaysia

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As more businesses advance their technologies and start to utilise intelligent systems and robotics, mechatronics engineering will continue to be in high demand. Plus, manufacturing businesses are also in need of mechatronics engineers in order to evaluate assembly line efficiency and costs.

It’s clear to see that advanced communications, artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality will be increasingly integrated with mechatronics.

What is Robotics and Mechatronics?

Robotics and mechatronics is the mixture of mechanical and electrical engineering, using computer control systems to make devices more intelligent and more efficient.

Mechatronics: Mechatronics is an essential foundation for the expected growth in automation and manufacturing. It is the best of both worlds where electrical and mechanical realms complement each other to create a good system.

Robotics: Robotics can be considered as part of Mechatronics as it similarly involves these mechanical, electronics and computer engineering fields. It mainly focuses on control, sensory feedback, and information processing. It involves the concept of Programming, Mathematics, Design, Electronics and much more. 

Mathematically, robotics is the subset of mechatronics set. In other words, all robotic systems are mechatronic systems. But, not all mechatronic systems are robotic systems.

While Mechatronics gives you the essential foundation of electrical and mechanical engineering, Robotics is more towards focusing on control, sensory feedback and information processing.

Robotics Invention in Malaysia

In conjunction with the COVID-19, recently Malaysian scientists have come up with a robot called the “MediBot” who will conduct check-ups on coronavirus patients at hospitals in the country, to reduce health workers’ risk of exposure.

Invented by the International Islamic University (UIA)’s Centre for Unmanned Technologies, Medibot is equipped with cameras that can screen temperatures, lessening the need for health workers to come into close contact with contagious patients.

Not only that, in 2019 — a Malaysian company, Robopreneur, successfully activated the country;s first advanced humanoid robot named “ADAM” that is capable of natural-like interaction with humans using voice recognition empowered by artificial intelligence.

Interestingly, the company has also developed robots named “Pepper” who is a robot for information services in professional settings and “NAO V6” who is a service robot in research and education.

What are the Career Opportunities if I study Robotics and Mechatronics?

Robotics Engineer

Working behind the scene, Robotics Engineer is responsible for creating robotic systems that are able to perform human-like duties — to help make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient, particularly in the manufacturing industry. 

Mechanical Design Engineer

On the other hand, Mechanical Design Engineer creates, develops and tests products such as machines, tools and sensors using the principle of physics and mechanics.  They also collect data on prototype performance and supervise the manufacturing process for their designs.

Powertrain Engineer

Powertrain engineers are mechanical engineers that work in the automotive industry. They improve the appearance and performance of engines, the powertrain, electrical components and software in modern vehicles. They are also responsible for making sure that vehicles meet government emissions and safety requirements

Instrumentation Engineer

Instrumentation engineers commonly work as a consultant and offer advice regarding systems, processes and equipment. Other than that, they also write software programs, business proposals and reports on their findings. They specialize in equipment that monitors and controls engineering systems. 

Automation Engineer

Automation engineer’s role including designing, programming, and testing automated machinery. They are typically employed in industries such as car manufacturing or food processing plants, where robots or machines are developed to perform specific functions.

Typical hiring industry in Malaysia for careers in Robotics and Mechatronics: Automotive, Electronics and Manufacturing industry

What are the General Entry Requirements to study Robotics and Mechatronics in Malaysia?

Academic Requirements


SPM (Prerequisite)

Pass SPM with a credit in Mathematics


Minimum CGPA 2.00 including 2 credits in Mathematics and Physics

Foundation/Matriculation in Science/Diploma in Engineering

Minimum CGPA 2.00


BBB including Mathematics and Physics


Minimum 5 credits including Mathematics and Physics

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Minimum 31 points

*The academic requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, Excel Education. 

English language requirements


Minimum 6.0


Minimum 79 (Internet Based Test)


Minimum Band 3

*The English language requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, Excel Education. 

What are the Recommended Universities to study Robotics and Mechatronics in Malaysia? (Recognised by Boards of Engineer Malaysia)

1. Monash University Malaysia

“This course was designed in response to the fast-paced and growing needs of the industry and our lifestyle. It equips you with skills and insights sought after by the industry, and offers a choice of specialisation in automation or AI that’ll prepare you with the essential knowledge and skill sets to redefine success for your future organisation.”

Program Name

Bachelor of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering (Honours)

Program Duration 

4 years


February, July. October

Indicative Annual Fee 2021 

Malaysian students: RM48,101

Non-Malaysian students: RM54,915

2. Asia Pacific University (APU)

“Mechatronic Engineering is concerned with the creation, design and building of intelligent machines. This new breed of engineer has to master skills in mechanical, electronic and computer engineering and work in a hybrid manner, meeting an ever-increasing need in industry where complexity of projects is rising and resources are limited. ”

Program Name

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Engineering with Honours

Program Duration 

4 years


February, December

Indicative Annual Fee 2021 

Malaysian students: RM24,300

Non-Malaysian students: RM28,600

3. UCSI University

“Students are furnished with the fundamental skills in analysing and designing complex systems to serve the needs of the industry and to meet challenges posed by emerging technologies. The mechatronic laboratories are well-equipped with the latest equipment and software packages to enhance the students’ learning experience and expose them to the latest technology in the market.”

Program Name

Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours)

Program Duration 

4 years


January, May, September

Indicative Annual Fee 2021 

Malaysian students: RM20,640

Non-Malaysian students: RM22,585

4. Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

“The Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics and Mechatronics) (Honours) course prepares students to cross the traditional boundaries between mechanical systems, machines, computer hardware and software, control and electronic design. Students can choose to focus their career in any one of these fields which may seek to meet growing employment demand for multi-skilled graduates from an industry that is pushing the limits of technology by exploiting the growing convergence of these fields. ”

Program Name

Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics and Mechatronics)  (Honours)

Program Duration 

4 years


March, August. October

Indicative Annual Fee 2021 

Malaysian students: RM32,560

Non-Malaysian students: RM41,200

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