Top 5 Private Universities to study Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is defined as an extensive variety of computer science branches related to the creation of smart machines that have the ability to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. 

AI typically breaks down into four elements; thinking humanly, thinking rationally, acting humanly, and acting rationally. 

Just like every other thing, AI has different categories. Most of them are powered by machine learning, some of them are powered by deep learning, and the rest are powered by rulesit all depends on the function of each one of them.

Categories of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Narrow AI (also known as weak AI) 

Narrow AI is built as an AI that focuses on performing a single task extremely well. It operates under a lot of constraints and limitations.

Examples of Narrow AI:

  1. Google Search
  2. Siri, Alexa
  3. Image recognition software
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) (also known as strong AI) 

AGI is an AI that we normally see in sci-fi movies; a human-like robot that has general intelligence in solving problems.

Unfortunately, AGI doesn’t exist — some experts have predicted that AGI may be developed by 2030 or 2045, however, some of the conservatives claimed that it might take us a century, or it might not be possible to develop an AGI at all.

Source: Norvig and Russel

Why study Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

  • Bright career

AI is currently at its growth stage and there are a lot of things to discover in the process of digitalisation that we are facing. The development of AI is possible in two categories- programming, and engineering. Who knows how many sectors will be needing AI in the future? The experts are going to produce a good amount of AI for the society and it will be constantly produced considering we are living in a world revolving around technology. 

  • Skill of the century

There has been groundbreaking news about the possibility of AI replacing the jobs that currently only humans can do. Although it can be worrying to some people; with the advancement of technology, AI will continue to create a number of job opportunities. You might as well be a part of the field from now. There is no limit to its ever-emerging applications.

  • Benefit of the society

The whole point of AI is to make changes in humans’ lives that can benefit the society. Today, AI is not only being used in healthcare and disaster management but its application is implemented in farming as well. Plus, governments are also incorporating AI in their smart city applications, which helps them in improving environmental planning, crime prevention, and better resource management.

What are the Job Opportunities if I study Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • AI Engineer

What are the Key Skills to study Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


  • Critical thinking

Artificial requires an enormous amount of critical thinking as it involves a lot of problem-solving. One needs to be persistent and hardworking in order to deliver their critical thinking to provide solutions for problems.

  • Maths and Science

AI involves a lot of Maths and Science — literally all of it is technical. You can’t run away from Maths and Science; explains why you need to love them in order for you to excel in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Naturally curious

To come up with a new creation, you will need to first analyze the problem and work your way through the process of coming up with a solution. Wanting to know more and discover more is a trait that you need to be born with if you decided to pursue Artificial Intelligence as your career.

What are the General Entry Requirements to study Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Malaysia?

Academic Requirements


Minimum 2 passes in STPM with CGPA 2.00 including a credit in Mathematics/Additional Mathematics, and one Science/ ICT subject


Pass with minimum CGPA of 2.00 including a credit in Mathematics/Additional Mathematics,  and one Science/ICT subjects


Minimum BBB including Mathematics and Computer Science


Pass with 5Bs including Mathematics and one Science/ICT subject

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Minimum 26-42 points from 6 subjects including Mathematics and one Science subject


Related diplomas with a minimum CGPA of 2.50


English requirements


Minimum 6.0 (no individual band below 5.5)


Minimum 35 (Internet Based Test)


Minimum Band 3

*The requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, contact Excel Education.

What are the Top Universities to study Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Malaysia?

1. Asia Pacific University (APU)

“Students will learn the fundamental skills required by every IT professional, and the basic understanding of artificial intelligence techniques and algorithmic thinking.”

Program Name

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Intelligent Systems)

Program Duration 

3 years


March, June, September, November

Indicative Annual Fee 2020

Local students: RM28,200

International students: RM28,600

2. Multimedia University (MMU)

“The objective of this three-year degree programme is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to be successful in building the much-needed intelligent computer systems.”

Program Name

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Artificial Intelligence)

Program Duration 

3 years


April, July, November

Indicative Annual Fee 2020

Local students: RM20,000


“The courses offer a comprehensive study program which covers a wide range of topics including object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, mobile computing and computational mathematics, using languages and tools such as Java, C++, Android, SQL, and MATLAB.”

Program Name

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Artificial Intelligence) 

Program Duration 

3 years


January, March, May, July, September, October

Indicative Annual Fee 2020

Local students: RM54,205

International students: RM64,798

4. UCSI University

“Essentially, students will be exposed to the design, modeling, analysis, and applications of AI through machine vision, language, signal processing, and robotics.”

Program Name

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) (Hons)

Program Duration 

4 years


January, May, September

Indicative Annual Fee 2020

Local students: RM27,000

International students: RM28,500

5. University of Nottingham Malaysia

“Our computer science with artificial intelligence course is designed to develop both your general understanding of computer science and more specialist skills and knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI).”

Program Name

Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)

Program Duration 

3 years



Indicative Annual Fee 2020

Local students: RM39,500

International students: RM46,000

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