Going to Universities: Should I?

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With the pandemic going on, it’s only normal that students have been thinking about the effect that it may have on their education. 


Is it worth it to go to university when the economy is still in an unstable state? 

Is it worth it to study online for the time being? 

Will this be prolonged longer than what we are prepared for? 

When should I go to the university?


Questions after questions; here’s what you can ask yourself

1. Starting Salary - Is there any difference?

Getting a good-paying job is one of the top reasons why most people go to universities. Considering the amount you pay for your university tuition fees, it makes sense to say that a higher education certificate definitely gives you a higher chance to make your dream salary come true. 


The difference between having a higher education certificate and not having any is the starting salary offered and the chance of getting a salary increment depending on the duration you have worked with the company. It’s pretty clear to see why — knowledge will always give you more values; before getting hired, and even more after you are hired.

2. Job Market - Will university graduates have higher employability?

Here is where you might want to think of higher education as an investment for your future. In this economy, given the instability that the world has been experiencing — do you think the job opportunities will be increasing or decreasing?


Not to say that you will not have a chance in the job market if you are not a university graduate, it’s all about possibilities and luck after all. But having a degree will increase your chance of getting hired compared to people who only graduated high school. Companies and employers are struggling to keep their company in shape — and they will continuously narrow down their options to ensure that they are efficiently hiring people. One of the key values they are looking for is the candidates’ qualification. You might as well be one of the qualified candidates.

3. Is higher education necessary for me right now?

If you are questioning your decision to go to university — it might be because you are not sure whether it is necessary or you’re not sure whether now is the right time to do it. Again, it all depends on your own goals; what are you trying to achieve? 

“Is it necessary now?” 

“Is it better to do it now?”

You can always choose education anytime you prefer — it will always pay you the best interest.

For some cases, education is necessary as soon as possible but for other cases, education might be something that will be useful along the journey but not necessarily now. In that case, you can do more research on your education pathway and start planning your timeline according to your liking.

Plan with us today!

4. Do I have the money to fund my tuition fees?

It’s also important to note that money plays a crucial role in education. Especially higher education, not everyone has the privilege and the chance to obtain a full scholarship to fund their entire tuition fees. Not to mention, the impact that the pandemic had on the economy has made a lot of us struggle in terms of finance.

Taking the pandemic into account — a lot of the universities have come up with fee reduction and an increase in scholarship percentage just to make it more affordable for the students.

There are also a number of universities that provide really affordable degree courses online in order to give the privilege of receiving education to all the students that struggle financially in the midst of COVID-19. We have a long list for you, contact us now to get the scholarship you need for your education.

Check this one out: IMC Scholarship for International Students

5. Is there a better alternative?

When you are confused, the best thing to do is always try to find other alternatives. The reason why you are contemplating on this matter shows that you are looking for better choices. Should you go to university or should you take a gap year? 


It’s recommended for you to opt for a gap year if you believe you need a break to regain your passion and motivation before you can start embarking on the next journey of your life — list down the pros and cons for the alternatives that you have and decide on which one would suit you best in terms of necessity, priority, finance, and etc. 


In these uncertain times, with the sudden changes in the education system and classes delivery, it’s best to reflect on yourself and measure your own capabilities and mental state. Not everyone is in their best state to receive education — especially in the middle of fighting a crisis. It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 has taken its toll on our physical health and mental health as well; it’s important to take that into consideration because those are important. It’s okay to take a break.

Discuss it with us now if you are struggling, we understand how big of a decision this might be for you — we are here to help. Come talk to us!

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