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What is Special Education?

Special Education is known as education designed for mentally, physically, socially or emotionally delayed individuals. The term “delayed” can be referred to as developmental delays such as physical, cognitive, and/or scholastic delays. Due to these circumstances, these students are not able to learn in traditional classroom settings. Special education programs are developed to be able to cater to the needs of these students. 

What does a Special Education Teacher Do?

Special Education teachers adapt the syllabus and lesson structure to fit the needs of students with disabilities. Besides teaching general subjects such as English, mathematics, and music, special education teachers also aid students with basic life skills to increase their levels of functioning. Special Education teachers may either work in a classroom with a mix of students with and without disabilities or in a classroom primarily with students with disabilities. 

Why Should You Study Special Education?

a) Very meaningful & rewarding

As a teacher, specifically with the expertise of special education, you get the chance to educate and inspire the minds of these individuals that are born with disabilities. You are able to provide them with opportunities by inspiring, encouraging and motivating them to live a normal life despite their circumstances. Helping students overcome their challenges makes your daily tasks very impactful and meaningful. Though educating individuals with disabilities could be a huge challenge, it is also known as one of the most rewarding jobs when you get to see these individuals prosper and make a difference in the world. 

b) Offers endless career opportunities

A degree in Special Education will provide you with a wide selection of career options in many different fields. The knowledge and skills that you gain from a ‘Special Education’ degree are transferable in a diverse amount of fields such as education, non-profit organizations, psychology and physical therapy fields. 

Examples of career choices that could be selected include : 

i) Special Education Teacher 

ii) Educational Specialist 

iii) School Psychologist 

iv) Speech Pathologist 

v) Recreational Therapist 

*Note: Do keep in mind that some of these career choices require higher qualifications. 

c) Offers a lifetime of learning

Besides that, a degree in Special Education offers you a lifetime of learning. Working with students of special needs is highly engaging in where you focus on person-centred education. Each individual is presented with their own set of goals, challenges and needs which requires you to equip yourself with a variety of knowledge as well as the ability to change and adapt to the ever-revolving studies of special needs individuals. You will be trained to be open-minded, as well as creative and compassionate in educating these individuals. 

Entry Requirements for Special Education Degree in Australia





Min. 6.0


Min. 79

Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Min. 57




Any Year 12 Equivalent (A-Levels, STPM, AUSMAT) 

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Top 5 Universities to Study Special Education Degree in Australia

1. Monash University

Photo Credit : Monash University Australia

Program Offered                                               

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary and Secondary Inclusive Education

Program Duration 

4 years (Full time)



Indicative Annual Fee (2021)


2. Griffith University

Photo Credit : Griffith University


Program Offered 

Bachelor of Education (Major in Special Needs Education) 

Program Duration 

3.5 to 4 years (Full time) 



Indicative Annual Fee (2021)


3. Flinders University

Photo Credit : Flinders University


Types of Programs Offered                  

  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)/Bachelor of Special Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)/Bachelor of Special Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Special Education

Program Duration 

4 years (Full-time)



Indicative Annual Fee (2021)


4. University of New England

Photo Credit : University of New England


Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science and Inclusive Education (Primary)

Program Duration 

4 years (Full Time) 



Indicative Annual Fee (2021)


5. Australia Catholic University (ACU)

Photo Credit : ACU Australia


Program Offered 

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary & Special Education) 
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary & Special Education) 

Program Duration 

4 years (Full Time)



Indicative Annual Fee (2021)

A$24, 104 

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