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2022年马来西亚修读 A-Levels 的顶级私立大学

您是否在面对升学选择哪个大学预科课程而感到迷茫? 这个肯定是正常的! 各位同学们往往会在此刻快速的决定他们的预科课程,而这也可能导致他们没有无法满足他们在未来想要修读的学位课程的入学要求。因此,您应该花时间进行研究,以更深入地了解每个大学预科课程的区别,从而选择一个最适合你的升学道路。 在本文中,我们将帮助您了解众所周知的 A-Levels 的详细信息,这似乎是学生们倾向于选择的顶级大学预科课程。…
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Best Colleges in Malaysia for A-Levels Program 2022

Feeling lost as to which pre university programme to take up due to the various options available to you? That’s absolutely normal! Students tend to make quick decisions that may lead them to be ineligible to meet the entry requirements for their desired degree programme. Hence, why you should take your time to…
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