Which is better A-Levels or AUSMAT

在马来西亚修读 A-Levels vs AUSMAT

选择大学预科课程与选择学生想要攻读的学位课程一样重要,因为两者都发挥着关联的作用。它将会决定学生的学习路径以及他们未来进入国内外顶尖大学的机会。 然而,学生们常常对他们可以选择的广泛的大学预科课程而感到困惑,例如 A-Levels、AUSMAT 和其他预科课程,因为这些课程都有着不同的课程结构。 澳大利亚预科课程提供两种不同的大学预科课程,即 South Australian Certificat…
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Study A-Levels vs AUSMAT in Malaysia.

Choosing a pre-university program is as important as choosing the degree program a student wants to pursue  as both play a symbiotic role. It determines the students’ study paths and the opportunity for them to enrol into the top universities both abroad and locally.  However, students are often confused with the wide selection…
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