Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a University

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One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is where you will attend university. Not only will you be attached to it for at least three years, but it may also completely change your life. While in some cases you will need to transfer universities, changing universities is an expensive proposition, not to mention the time-consuming process.

Here’s a checklist of the most important factors to think about when picking a university.

#1 Available Courses

The course you choose will play an important role in your future university selection, as most institutes now offer specialized courses in specific fields. For instance, there are well-known universities where students can pursue business courses, and people are aware of which university provides the best accounting programme. 

In addition to this, choosing the right course is critical in determining a student’s performance because students frequently leave universities early in their studies as a result of selecting the wrong course. It is critical to be completely confident in your subject. You’ll spend the next three to six years studying it, followed by 40 – 50 years working in the field. 

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#2 Location

You may be living away from home for the first time and university. Depending on which university you choose, you may be required to relocate away from family, friends, and even your home country. Besides that, students typically take four years to complete an undergraduate degree, depending on their field of study, so it is critical to select a university location where you will be happy to live until graduation.

You will need to check bus fares in the area, the availability of other modes of transportation, nearby shops, and so on. Having public transportation close to the university is always preferable, and Wi-Fi is a basic requirement for many people’s assignments, studies, part-time work, and projects.

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#3 Cost of Tuition and Cost of Living

When considering university education as an investment in one’s future, it is best to spend the least amount of money possible while maximizing the return on that investment. Whether you study abroad or not, university tuition fees are an expensive expense that can have long-term consequences in your life. The first step in your search for the ideal college should be to determine the cost of tuition.

Furthermore, living in some areas may be more expensive than in others. Teenagers spend a lot of money on entertainment in addition to food, accommodation and travel. As a result, you can always conduct research to see how much you need to spend on average in these areas.

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#4 Culture, Lifestyle, and Environment

Remember that whichever university you apply to, you will be there for at least a year. From the environment to the campus culture, you can already get a sense of whether you want to attend a particular university. While larger institutions have more networking resources, smaller campuses may offer more opportunities for active participation and personalized feedback.

Furthermore, the spirit of a university and the general atmosphere will set the tone for your experience. Inquire about things like “How many students live on campus?” and “What is there to do on weekends?” These questions can help you get a better sense of the college experience. Essentially, a university’s student culture shapes a student’s mindset and character over the next four years, so make sure it’s an environment, culture, and lifestyle in which you will thrive.

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#5 Facilities and Services

Each university has a library, a sports center, a health center, and other amenities. If there are specific facilities that you require, it is always worthwhile to visit the university.

Besides that, faculty members must do more than just teach their courses effectively to help students achieve academic success; they must also provide regular feedback about their performance throughout the semester and create opportunities for students to collaborate with one another. They are also important to help students when they are having difficulties with their studies, for example they feel stressed or stuck in their studies. Thus, it is important for you to know the facilities and services offered by each university.

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#6 Career Opportunity and Success

Another thing to think about is how a university can prepare you for the future. Whether you are continuing your education or entering the workforce, it is critical to understand how your degree will translate into a career.

Most students attend university in order to obtain a rewarding job that contributes to society. Check to see if a college provides comprehensive career services to assist you in launching your career or preparing for graduate school. Career services include help finding a “best fit major,” co-op and internship placement, job search preparation, and on-campus job placement assistance. 

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We hope these factors help you narrow down your university choices. University is a big and exciting life decision, so we hope you find a university that allows you to succeed academically as well as in your personal life.

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Recommended Private Universities to Study in Malaysia

#1 Asia Pacific University (APU)

The Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) is one of Malaysia’s premier private universities, with a unique blend of technology, innovation, and creativity that effectively transforms students into highly competent, employable, and future-proof professionals. APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning university by winning over 400 prestigious awards at the local and international levels.

APU has some popular degree programs, check them out!

  • BSc (Hons) in Information Technology
  • BSc (Hons) in Computer Science
  • BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering

For more information regarding the fees, program structure and entry requirements, contact us now for free consultation!

#2 INTI International University & Colleges

INTI International University & Colleges are Malaysian private university colleges. INTI International University & Colleges, which was founded in 1986, now has four campuses in Malaysia which are INTI International University Nilai, INTI International College Subang, INTI International College Penang, and INTI College Sabah. Every campus is intended to prepare students for an education that will inspire and shape young minds into global citizens. With over 30 years of empowering young minds and over 55,000 graduates to testify to the excellent education offered, INTI has become one of the most renowned and trusted names in Malaysia’s private higher education industry.

INTI has some popular degree programs, check them out!

  • 3+0 BA (Hons) Mass Communications
  • 3+0 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting and Finance 3+0

For more information regarding the fees, program structure and entry requirements, contact us now for free consultation!

#3 MAHSA University

MAHSA (Malaysian Allied Health Sciences Academy) was established in 2004. The vision of MAHSA University is to produce qualified and compassionate professionals to serve the needs of the country in accordance with national goals and government transformation plans in the twenty-first century. The new 48-acre campus in Bandar Saujana Putra is the physical manifestation of that vision. MAHSA University now has students from 75 different countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada, in addition to the Asian region.

MAHSA has some popular degree programs, check them out!

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)

For more information regarding the fees, program structure and entry requirements, contact us now for free consultation!

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