What should I study: Marketing or Advertising?

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What is Marketing?

Marketing refers to the broad range of activities that a company undertakes to attract and engage an audience for its products or services. It encompasses all the strategies and tactics employed to communicate the value and benefits of a product or service to potential customers. The primary objective of Marketing is to create awareness, generate interest, and drive consumer action.

Marketing goes beyond just promoting products or services. It aims to deliver standalone value to prospects and consumers through various means. This can include providing educational content, entertaining experiences, useful resources, or solving problems through informative materials. By offering value to the audience, Marketing builds trust and credibility, establishing the company as an authority in its industry.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is an incredibly valuable marketing tool that empowers businesses to connect with prospective customers through paid channels. It offers a way to access a vast audience and convey targeted messages regarding products or services. By utilising Advertising, companies can establish brand recognition and familiarity among potential customers, resulting in increased awareness of their offerings. 

For small businesses, Advertising is critical in creating brand awareness and enhancing their image. By investing in well-crafted advertisements, small businesses can position themselves in the market and stand out from their competitors. Advertising enables them to highlight their unique selling propositions, emphasise the value they bring to customers, and create a positive image of their brand.

The differences between Marketing and Advertising





Fulfilling unmet customer needs, providing value, and satisfaction

Organised and paid non-personal communication of ideas, goods, and services


Fulfilling customer needs and providing value

Placement of ads on various channels


Create awareness about the company, products, and services

Get quick and intended response from customers


Wide range, including Advertising, branding, PR, market research

Paid channels like TV, radio, print, online platforms, and social media


Marketing Manager, Market Analyst, Brand Manager, Digital Marketer

Advertising Copywriter, Art Director, Account Executive, Media Planner, Creative Director

Note: These examples highlight just a few of the differences between Marketing and Advertising, but there’s a multitude of others to uncover. Contact us to know more!

Marketing and Advertising skills required

  • Creativity

Thinking outside the box becomes essential to discover novel approaches that haven’t been explored before. Having a creative mind can make all the difference between a mundane advertisement and one that deeply connects with the audience, leaving a lasting impact.

  • Communication

Active listening and understanding the needs of your clients and superiors are essential skills. Effective communication, both written and verbal, with team members is crucial. Additionally, proficiency in public speaking is necessary for pitching and presenting ideas.

  • Time management

In Advertising and Marketing, you face frequent and often urgent deadlines, with multiple simultaneous projects. Without effective time management skills, meeting deadlines and completing tasks would be challenging.

  • Copywriting

In this field, strong copywriting skills are indispensable. It is crucial to have a deep understanding of the language you work with and the ability to write with clarity and conciseness. Beyond exceptional writing abilities, it is essential to comprehend your target audience and have the skill to write persuasively without coming across as overly sales-oriented. Striking the right balance is crucial for success in this industry.

  • Research

Research skills go beyond Google. Every campaign requires data collection and analysis. You must also know your consumer personas and target audience. Market and social trends must be followed to create effective Advertising. Ads should be relevant and noticeable for the proper reasons.

Are you eligible to study Marketing or Advertising?

Academic Entry

Minimum Score


CGPA 2.00


CGPA 2.00


GPA 2.33


5 Bs


2 Passes

Australian Matriculation (ATAR)


IB Diploma


Note: Universities may have different requirements. To learn more, get in touch with us!

Entry Level

Minimum Score




Band 4



Note: Universities may have different English Language requirements. To learn more, get in touch with us!

Universities to study Marketing and Advertising in Malaysia

1. INTI International College Subang

INTI International University offers several compelling reasons for you to choose it as your study destination. Their innovative and collaborative approach to education prepares you for the real world by providing a dynamic learning environment that emphasises practical skills development, industry engagement, and global perspectives. INTI’s programmes are designed to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, ensuring that you graduate with the necessary competencies to succeed in your chosen field. With a focus on industry relevance, INTI provides opportunities for internships, industry projects, and interactions with industry professionals, giving you valuable exposure and connections.

INTI’s programme provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential Marketing concepts, strategic planning, consumer behaviour analysis, digital Marketing, branding, and Marketing communications. The programmes are designed to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, which are highly valued in the Marketing industry. Students majoring in Marketing will be equipped with specialised knowledge and the necessary skills focus in 3 areas; Advertising, Business Analytics, and Digital Marketing. The programme emphasises a balance of theoretical and practical education to give students a better understanding of the industry.

Programme Offered



Indicative Fees (2023)

Diploma in Marketing

2 Years

January, April, August

Local students: RM 38,639

International students:  RM 38,639

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Marketing (3+0)

3 Years

January, April, August

Local students: RM 81,340

International students: RM 81,340

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

2. Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

At APU, students gain access to exceptional resources spanning various fields, granting them industry-ready skills and a distinct advantage upon graduation. In response to employers’ growing expectations, which extend beyond qualifications to encompass workplace contributions, APU actively cultivates programmes and collaborations with academic and industry partners, placing a strong emphasis on applied learning. This approach guarantees that the skills and knowledge imparted at APU remain current and highly sought-after in the job market.

These two programmes are designed to provide comprehensive programmes that cover both the academic and vocational aspects of Design and Media and Digital Advertising. It aims to prepare students for successful careers  by equipping them with the necessary academic and professional skills to develop holistic solutions in studies. The programmes also focus on fostering critical, independent, and cooperative learning skills to enable students to adapt and respond to continuous international changes in the future. Additionally, it aims to develop students’ intellectual abilities, communication skills, and teamwork capabilities.

Programme Offered



Indicative Fees (2023)

Diploma in Design & Media

2+ Years

August, September, November

Local students: RM 43,900

International students: RM 48,800 (USD 11,900)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Advertising

3 Years

July, September

Local students: RM 87,000

International students: RM 93,500 (USD 22,805)

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

3. UCSI University and College

A thriving community of study and scholarship exists at UCSI University. At this time, the University is home to more than 12,000 students. UCSI University’s campus is a cultural and racial melting pot thanks to the 110 nations that have sent students there throughout the years. With its extensive selection of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, UCSI University, one of Malaysia’s first private universities, continues to have a significant influence on the country’s higher education system. 

Marketing and Advertising involve the capacity to connect market perception with realistic plans of action, which typically draws creative and motivated people who want to get things done in novel ways. Graduates of these programmes will have a thorough understanding of how Marketing functions within an organisation and in business as a whole, as well as strong analytical and strategic thinking abilities, in addition to mastering critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills. The Graduate Employability 2020 report from the Ministry of Higher Education gave each of these programmes a perfect grade for graduate employability.

Programme Offered



Indicative Fees (2023)

Diploma In Marketing

2 Years

January, May, September

Local students: RM28,165

International students: RM33,438

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Marketing

3 Years

January, May, September

Local students: RM 69,620

International students: RM 79,900

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Branding and Advertising

3 Years

January, May, September

Local students: RM 69,600

International students: RM 80,050

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

4. Nilai University

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency has named Nilai University as one of the top universities in Malaysia. With a Tier-5 rating and an Excellent score in the Setara 2011 ranking, Nilai University is the ideal choice for students looking for a top-notch education. Our beautiful campus is situated in Nilai, away from the bustle of the busy, loud city life. Furthermore, we have high academic criteria. Students are nurtured at Nilai University to develop into well-rounded individuals who can contribute to society and possibly become world-changing leaders.

In many firms, Marketing and Business Administration is a crucial business subject. In order to prepare students to be successful marketers, this degree places a strong emphasis on Marketing theories and principles. These studies will provide students a strong foundation so they can dive into the fascinating world of Marketing. Students will receive training in logical and critical thinking along with industry-relevant modules that represent the best practises in order to manage the Marketing role in any corporate setting.

Programme Offered



Indicative Fees (2023)

Diploma in Business Administration

2.5 Years

January, May, July, October

Local students: RM 28,800

International students: RM 33,300

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Marketing

3 Years

January, May, July, October

Local students: RM 54,000

International students: RM 60,000

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

5. UOW Malaysia

The UOW Malaysia KDU College is on the Glenmarie Campus. It has good Pre-University Studies programmes, some Bachelor programmes like a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) in partnership with the University of London UK, and the ACCA Professional Accountancy programme. Students can start their Pre-University Studies at UOW Malaysia KDU College and then finish their bachelor’s degree at one of the three UOW Malaysia schools in Malaysia or at the University of Wollongong in Australia, Dubai, or Hong Kong. The College works closely with top foreign universities and education partners to make sure that students’ pre-university and bachelor’s degrees are accepted around the world.

UOW Malaysia KDU’s Diploma in Communication and Media provides a solid foundation in communications and real-world experience through projects and campaigns. Students will learn radio and TV production, journalism, digital media, Advertising, public relations, writing, public speaking, media planning, and research. Students learn more about these communication topics through industrial exposure, which helps them choose a specialism. As the business world and the way countries work together get more complicated, interdisciplinary knowledge is no longer just a plus, but a must if you want to meet the demanding business needs of today. The Bachelor of Business (Hons) programme tries to solve this problem by giving students a general business degree as well as cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills in 5 key business areas. This way, they can tailor their degree to their interests in the business world.

Programme Offered



Indicative Fees (2023)

Diploma in Communication and Media

2 Years

January, March, May, July, September, October

Local students: RM45,630

International students: RM59,390

Bachelor of Business (Hons)

3 Years

January, March, May, July, September, October

Local students: RM71,625

International students: RM88,760

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

For more information regarding the university, programmes offered, entry requirements and fees, contact Excel Education.

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