What to do If You Failed Your SPM?

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It has been just a few days since SPM result was released. Now if you did not perform well, it is okay to cry or feel sad about it. Yea #relatable. But, it is time for you to get up and get your head back in the game. Don’t let your result stop you from your bright future! You got this! 

How To Retake SPM ?

You can retake any of the SPM subjects this year. Let us see the steps on how to retake your SPM.

1. Deadline to Register to Retake SPM

  • Date of Registration: 1/3/2020 – 31/3/2020

Any later than 31/3/2020, your application to retake SPM subjects  will not be entertained by the Ministry of Education (MOE). So, think and plan fast which subjects you want to retake.

2. Steps for Registration to Retake SPM

You need to insert your:                                              

  1. IC number 
  2. SPM year (i.e 2019) 
  3. Exam registration number (angka giliran)

3. Pick the Subjects & Locations to Retake SPM

Choose the subjects and the location to retake your SPM. After that, make sure all information is accurate before you submit it online. Once submitted, print out Cetakan Senarai Semak Pendaftaran and Kenyataan Semakan.

4. Documents to Submit to Retake SPM

Go to your nearest Japatan Pendidikan Negeri (JPN) and submit the following documents:

  1. 1 copy of Senarai Semak Pendaftaran
  2. 3 copies of Kenyataan Semakan
  3. 1 copy of verified identity card/passport
  4. 1 copy of SPM exam slip
  5. 4 pieces of Prepaid Poslaju envelope or A5 Express Post envelopes
  6. Exam fees – payment in terms of cash, postal cash or bank draft payable to  Akauntan Negara Malaysia. But now, you can make payment through online banking and one payment made, keep the receipt for reference. 

5. Check Your Application Online

You can only check your application starting from 20/04/2020.

6. Study Hard & Be Prepared

This is the hardest step but it must be overcome. You must put extra effort now and invest time in your study. Practise a lot, read more and don’t forget to exercise to ensure your body and mind is fully ready for Exam Day. I know it’s hard but #life.

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