What to expect for SPM 2021?

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The year 2020 so far has been challenging to everyone, including the education sector. This is to say schools have been hugely affected by the pandemic that has been going on for half a year now. 

Due to the inability to conduct the SPM examination on time in the year of  2020, students have been informed earlier this year that SPM will have changes in many aspects especially the dates. Here are what you can expect and prepare for the upcoming spm, SPM 2021 —

When is the SPM 2021 Examination?

Most importantly, students need to take note that the dates for the examination has been moved forward from 2020 to 2021. Further changes may apply hence students are advised to keep track of the updates from the official website of the Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia  in case there will be any more changes in the date. 

For now, take note that the official date has changed to 22nd of February 2021. (Last updated November 2020)

What is the Examination Timetable for SPM 2021?

Based on the date that has been changed, here is the official timetable you can refer to for your SPM examination. Make sure to highlight the subjects you are taking in order to avoid mistakes in the date and the time for the examination. Knowing the timetable beforehand can also give you the chance to arrange your study schedule according to the subjects you are taking for your SPM.

You can download the PDF here: Jadual SPM 2021

Source: Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia

What is the New Format for SPM 2021?

Earlier this year, we were also notified that there will be changes in the format of a number of papers for the SPM examination. Here are the new formats for the general subjects paper —

SubjectPaperInstrumentTotal MarksDuration
Bahasa Melayu1





2 hours
22 hours 30 minutes

Individual: 3-5 minutes

Group: 12-15 minutes

4Listening3030 minutes


1 hour 30 minutes

3Speaking2012 minutes
4Listening3040 minutes
Mathematics1Multiple Choice Questions – 40 questions401 hour 30 minutes

Section A – 10 questions (answer ALL)


Section B – 5 questions (answer ALL)


Section C – 2 questions (answer ONE)

1002 hours 30 minutes
Additional Mathematics1

Section A – 12 questions (answer ALL)


Section B – 3 questions (answer TWO)



2 hours

Section A – 7 questions (answer ALL)


Section B – 4 questions (answer THREE)


Section C – 4 questions (answer TWO)

1002 hours 30 minutes
Sejarah1Multiple Choice Questions – 40 questions401 hour

Section A – 4 questions (answer ALL)


Section B – 5 questions (answer THREE)

1002 hours 30 minutes
Science1Multiple Choice Questions – 40 Questions401 hour 15 minutes

Section A – 4 questions (answer ALL)


Section B – 6 questions (answer ALL)


Section C

  • 1 question
  • 2 questions (answer ONE)
802 hours 30 minutes
Physics/Biology/Chemistry1Multiple Choice Questions – 40 questions401 hour 15 minutes

Section A – 8 questions (answer ALL)


Section B – 2 questions (answer ONE)


Section C – 1 question

1002 hours 30 minutes
3Practical work (2 projects)301 hour 45 minutes

Download the full PDF here to see the new format for other subjects: Format SPM 2021

Source: Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia

What are the Example Items of SPM papers according to the new format?

As mentioned previously, there will be changes for a number of papers in the SPM examination. You might want to check out how the new format looks to make yourself familiar for the upcoming SPM. Here are the current updated example items for the general subjects using the new format

You can check the items for all other subjects here.

Source: Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia

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