Pre-University programs in Malaysia: where to begin?

What are Pre-University programs?

Pre-university courses are programmes that allow students to attain the right qualifications to apply into a degree program. There are various kinds of Pre-University programs including A-level, AUSMAT, Diplomas, Foundation programs and many more . Each Pre-University program has its own benefits and costs, but choosing the correct Pre-University program is vital for every student. In Malaysia, many universities often offer Pre-University programs that allow students to pursue their desired degrees within the same institution or elsewhere. But first, what Pre-University program should you choose? 

What do I do after SPM?

There are many options to choose from once you complete your SPM. Each Pre-University program is beneficial in a different way for a different academic goal. The illustration below explains the different pathways a student may choose from after their SPM. 

Key Points 

  • In most cases where students are not sure what or where they want to study, it is advisable to go for STPM or Year 12. 

  • Students who are certain that they wish to study abroad are advised to complete their A-Levels

  • If students are certain about the field they want to study, it is advisable to go for a foundation program within that field from a university of your choice. 

  • For those wishing to study in a specific country like the USA, it’s best to study their pre-university qualification such as ADP

What do I do if my SPM results were poor?

Firstly, don’t panic. It can be a stressful period in your life but there are always options available. If you wish to study a degree with high requirements such as Medicine or Engineering, it is advisable to resit your SPM. However, in order to pursue other degrees, students can enroll in Diploma or Certificate programs. The illustration below shows the two pathways you can choose if you're struggling with your SPM result.

In Malaysia, you would:

  • Complete a Certificate program 

  • Complete a Diploma Program 

  • Enroll in the 2nd year of your preferred Degree 

On the other hand, you could save time and money by studying in Australia instead. 

In Australia, you would: 

  • Complete a Diploma 

  • Enroll in the 2nd year of your preferred Degree 

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Recommended Universities for Pre-U Programs in Malaysia 


Programs Offered 




Art, Science, Business, Communication, Computing, Design, Engineering and Natural and Built Environments.

SACE International 

SACE International programme is a gateway for students to enter top universities around the world including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the US.

Diploma in Business 

To equip students with solid business knowledge and skills, with a central focus on instilling a global mindset as well as creative and critical thinking, set in an experimental learning environment

Cambridge A-level

The Cambridge Advanced Level programme is conducted by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), United Kingdom. The Cambridge A Level programme is the gateway to the most prestigious universities worldwide.



Arts, Science


Business, Communication, Early Childhood Education and Information Technology 


Cambridge, Edexcel 


Foundation in Arts

Art and Design, Built Environment, Hospitality and Tourism, IT, Management, Mass Communication, Music 

Foundation in Science

Applied Science, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Pharmacy


Foundation Program

Business and Finance, Computing and Technology, Engineering, Design

Diploma Program 

ICT, Accounting, Business, International Studies, Engineering, Design and Media 

Methodist College KL




Association of Chartered Certified Accountants 


American Degree Transfer Program


Australian Matriculation


Early Childhood, Social Work

CAT Qualification

Certified Accounting Technician

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Are you eligible for a scholarship? 

All students are entitled to scholarships such as 10% Alumni Scholarship / bursary / waiver / discount if you register under authorized representative like us. What are you waiting for? contact us now! T&C apply!

Scholarship opportunities for International Students 



Scholarship Type



(Full Scholarships)

Merit Scholarship

Minimum 35 points in SPM/ 30 points in IGCSE

Talent Scholarship

For talent achievers

Minimum 20 points in SPM/ 15 points in IGCSE

Sports Scholarship

Participate in any National Level competition 

Community Scholarship 

Household income below RM8000

Minimum 18 points in SPM/ 14 points in IGCSE


(Full or Partial)

School Achiever Scholarship Award/ Merit based 

Must be an all-rounder, attain good academic results and exhibit exemplary and outstanding leadership in extra co-curricular activities.

Sports Excellence 

Participate in any National Level competition

50% for State athletes
75% for National athletes



International Student Scholarships for Foundation 

O-Level/ IGCSE: 9 A’s, 8 A’s. 7-6 A’s

(15 to 100%)

Merit Based Scholarships 

SPM: 9 A’s 


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