Study Abroad After SPM

It’s out! You finally got your SPM result! No matter the result, be proud of yourself and give yourself some credit for it because starting today, you will get the chance to study abroad after your SPM! So, you’re out of high school. Automatically you will think of colleges and universities. Books, friends,…
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How to Get Free Education for Your Children While Completing a Degree Overseas?

How to get free education for your kid to study in Australia?  Thinking of studying overseas but not wanting to leave your children behind? You can actually consider studying in Australia where your children can attain a valid visa while you complete your University education here. If your children are under the aged…
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Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Considering to Study in Overseas

Researching and applying to overseas universities is a big challenge, but the effort is well worth to spend. More than 15,000 Malaysia students pursued degrees overseas in 2016, according to the most recently published data from the Austrade, Australian Government. Planning ahead can help students meet academic requirement and application deadlines, which vary…
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