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2022 年马来西亚 A-Level / UEC 大学奖学金

大多数就读 A-Level 的学生都有想要继续上大学深造的打算。A-Level 受到了许多世界顶尖大学的认可,被广泛认为是大学预科课程的黄金标准。对于想要到英国、澳大利亚、美国、加拿大和新加坡等海外留学的学生们,A-Level 便会是他们的“首选”计划。但也有不少的 A-Level 毕业生选择继续留在马来西亚攻读学士学位。尤其是在疫情期间,很多学生不得不重新考虑自己原有的留学计划。 另一方面,由于…
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Scholarships for A-Level and UEC Students in Malaysian Universities 2022

The majority of the students who study A-Level have the intention to further their studies and go to university. A-Levels is widely recognised as the gold standard of pre-university studies, and they are approved by many of the world’s top universities. While it is often the “go-to” programme if the students want to…
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