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Have you always dreamt about studying in Australia and you can’t wait to get on that plane to start your new adventure?

It’s no surprise as Australia has always been the preferred study destination by Malaysian students right after the UK and Ireland. 

Home to Vegemite, koala bears and kangaroos, Australia holds the second place of the top 10 countries for international students to choose to pursue their higher education.

What is Foundation Studies?

Foundation study is a pathway for both the locals and international students. There are two groups of students who usually pick the foundation studies over the other available programs. Firstly, students who have completed their secondary education and are planning to pursue higher education. However, it is limited to students who have completed their secondary education and those who have not met the entry requirement for their desired undergraduate program. 

Why Study Foundation?

  • One of the flexible options for students who have just completed their SPM.

  • Provides the opportunity for students to gain direct entry into a university.

  • Most foundation programs provide relevant subjects according to their chosen stream, preparing them for their degree program. 

  • Uses the same teaching style through lectures and tutorials, hence providing students with an opportunity to be familiar with learning and be prepared for their degree program.

Why Study Foundation in Australia?

According to the QS World Rankings, aside from being one of the countries filled with cute koala bears and kangaroos, Australia has numerous universities ranked in the Top 100 in the world. 

The education system in Australia provides students with a wide range of undergraduate courses to pursue and is globally one reason why Australia has been the top three countries that international students often choose to study. Rest assured, Australian higher education owns some of the most sought after courses globally, including Psychology, Engineering, Business, Economics and Social Sciences. Mostly it’s the flexibility and the quality of the education system that makes international students opt for Australia as a study destination. 

Doing a foundation in Australia allows international students to experience first hand the various teaching methods applied in Australian universities. This would help international students to prepare and ease themselves better when they transition into an undergraduate program. Australian universities encourage students to be independent in making decisions. Upon completing the Foundation program, international students will be able to gain direct entry into an undergraduate program into any Australian university. In addition to studying, Australian universities also emphasize soft skills such as project management, laboratory works, communication skills, and many more. 

If international students are interested in scientific research, Australia is one of the countries that are at the forefront of new technology and innovation. It is an added advantage for international students to study in Australia to pursue a science field degree as the country has impressive technologies and resources. 

International students are also given a chance to work part-time in Australia while studying. This can be an option to earn extra income for those who would like to taste the local cultures and travel within Australia. 

Study Areas Covered in Foundation Studies

There are various types of undergraduate degree programs that Australian universities offer for both local and international students. Studying a subject covered in the degree pathway could increase your chances of being accepted into your chosen program.

These are several streams of foundation studies offered in Australia: 

  • Science: Covers studies physics, scientific communications, mathematics, engineering principles and computing. 

  • Computer Science & IT: Covers subjects in database, algebra, web development, business information systems and web development. 

  • Health Science: Studies in health challenges, anatomy, chemistry and physiology. 

  • Engineering: Covers physics, material technology, computer science, and chemistry.

  • Business: Studies in accounting, marketing, statistics, microeconomics and mathematics.

Academic Entry Requirement for Foundation Studies

The entry requirement for the foundation program is relatively lower than the university undergraduate (Bachelor) programs. 

Most of the institutions require students to have completed Year 11 or Year 12 as secondary/ high school qualification, which is equivalent to SPM in Malaysia or IGCSE, UEC, etc. 


Minimum 4 passes


Minimum 2 passes


Minimum 2 passes 

For more information on the entry requirement, please contact Excel Education 

English Entry Requirement for Foundation Studies


Overall 5.5 with no individual band lower than 5.0


Overall 42 with no score lower than 36


Minimum C in English

For more information on the English entry requirement, please contact Excel Education 

Top Colleges to Study Foundation in Australia

University of Technology Sydney College (UTS)


Foundation Studies 


March, June, & September 


Standard: 8 months 

Extended: 12 months 

Indicative Fees (2021)

Standard: AUD $28, 000 

Extended: AUD $ 40, 000

Griffith College

Picture Credits: Griffith University 


Foundation Program


January, June, & October 


2 Semesters (8 months) 

Indicative Fees (2021)

AUD $22, 700

University of Tasmania (Provider: UP Education)

Picture Credit: University of Tasmania


Foundation Studies 


February, July & November


Fast Track: 1 semester (approx. 5 months) 

Standard: 2 semesters (approx. 8 months) 

Indicative Fees (2021)

Fast Track: AUD $18, 000

Standard: AUD $20, 800

Deakin College (Provider: UP Education)

Picture Credits: Deakin University 


Foundation Studies


March, June, & October 


Standard: 8 months 

Extended: 12 months 

Indicative Fees (2021)

Standard: AUD $24, 260

Extended: AUD $ 30, 960

La Trobe College

Picture Credits : La Trobe University 


Foundation Studies:

  • IT, Business & Humanities
  • Engineering & Computer Science 
  •  Health & Life Sciences


February, June & October 


2 Semesters (8 months 

Indicative Fees (2021)

AUD $29, 900

Charles Darwin University (Provider: UP Education)

Picture Credits: ABC News 


Foundation Studies 


February & November


2 Semesters (8 months)

Indicative Fees (2021)

AUD $ 20, 800

Swinburne University of Technology (Provider: UP Education)


Foundation in:

  • Design
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Science & Engineering 


February, June & October 


8 months 

12 months (for Science & Engineering)

Indicative Fees (2021)

AUD $ 25, 380

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1. 多听听些英文歌曲、广播或电台


2. 看英文电影并学习当中的对话

多看点英文电影、电视剧,甚至是一些说英语的 youtuber 都是一些学习英语的好机会。在放松娱乐并享受在那剧情的的当儿,还可以学习并练习英语。最简单的方式就是选一位你最喜欢的角色,并开始模仿他的口音。这样一来可以学习母语者的发音,并且锻炼自己的口条。美剧的剧情都很新鲜,非常值得一看!

3. 捉住能使用英语交谈的机会


4. 设定一个目标:每日一单词


5. 把手机的操作系统该为英语


倘若你认为以上的建议还不是很足够,或你已经都试了但效果还是并不怎么明显,或许你可以考虑参加一些国外专业的英语教学课程。就好比澳洲,有不少的学院都有提供一项英语强化课程,名为 ELICOS,是 English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students 的缩写。这项课程是专为母语非英语的学生而设的,通过此课程可以培训海外学生们的英语能力并且更快速的融入澳洲的课堂教学方式。这项课程也适用于那些英语入学要求不达标的学生,有些学院/大学允许学生经过了此课程,并通过考试后,即可直接进入本科课程的学习,不需要再考多一次 IELTS。


  • IELTS – 总分介于 6.0 至 6.5(没有一个部分少于 5.5 至 6.0)
  • TOEFL – 总分介于 60 至 90


如之前所提到的,如果你的英语标准还达不到该大学的要求,你可以考虑参加 ELICOS 来增强你的英语,以下是几所有提供此课程的澳洲大学/学院:


格里菲斯大学附设语言学校 Griffith English Language Institute (GELI)



埃迪斯科文学院 Edith Cowan College (ECC)

在ECC,它们所拥有的英语课程都是被澳洲的英语相关机构所认证的。他们所拥有的教学内容包括了写作和阅读能力、学术英语教学、学术讨论会以及演讲技巧。学生们也可以使用该大学的基本设施,并且在拥有许多不同设施的现代化课室里上课。每个星期都需要到课堂上 20 至 22 小时的课,它们提倡主动教学,并常用不同的评估方式来更了解学生们的进展。

斯威本科技大学 Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne 的 ELICOS 课程内容和长度会根据学生报名时的英语水平进行个性化设置,每个班的平均学生人数在于 18 至 20 位学生,以确保学生们都可获得老师的指导。所有的老师都是接受过专业培训,并附有丰富教导国际学生的经验,帮助学生提升听说能力,更加了解澳洲文化。每个星期 25 个小时的学习,包括 5 个小时的线上教学。Swinburne 的 ELICOS 课程大致上分为两种,普通英语课程 (General English) 和学术英语课程 (English for Academic Purposes),你可以考虑自身的情况并作出选择,或是联系我们!

阳光海岸国际学院 Sunshine Coast International College

此学院的课程设计不止能让你强化你的英语,同时也让学生们有机会增强思维分析以及批判性思考的能力。教师们还会给予一对一的教学反馈,从而使学生能更了解自身的情况并加以改进。该学院的上课时间是从早上 9am 至下午 2.45pm,每星期一至星期四,学生在一个星期里需要完成 20个小时的课程,一天5个小时,其中阅读、书写、听力和口语都是该课程会包括的事项。评估方式包括了写作、研究沦为、演讲甚至是辩论,因此相当的齐全。




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