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2022 年马来西亚十大高薪行业领域

相信每位学生们在选择想要就读什么课程时,一定也有将该行业领域的就业需求和收入归类为考虑因素之一。而对于毕业后有打算继续待在马来西亚工作的学生们,你一定也想知道马来西亚薪酬最高的行业有什么?根据 FMT Media 近期的文章,我们整理出了 2022 年马来西亚十大高薪行业领域供你参考! 2022 年马来西亚十大高薪行业领域 1. 教育 你可能会对这份名单上的第一名感到惊讶!与他人相比,身处在教育行…
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Top 10 High-Paying Industries in Malaysia

There’s no doubt that lucrative wages could be one of the factors that drives one to either pursue an academic study or a professional career. Which raises the question, what are some of the highest paying industries in Malaysia? Some might argue that it is healthcare, others say it’s finance. Well, let’s find…
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