Malaysian Matriculation

STPM vs Matrikulasi: 他们之间有什么差别?

STPM 和 Matrikulasi是马来西亚最受欢迎的公立大学的先修课程。然而,许多学生却很难在STPM和Matrikulasi之间做出选择,因为两者在很多方面上都非常不同但也有一些相同。因此,在本文中,我将更详细地为你解释STPM和Matrikulasi之间的区别。 什么是STPM? 马来西亚高等教育文凭 (马来语: Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia),又称…
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STPM vs Matrikulasi: What’s the Difference?

STPM and Matrikulasi are the two most popular public Pre-University courses in Malaysia, which means they all share similar characteristics. However, many students have difficulty deciding between STPM and Matrikulasi because the two are very different in many ways. So, in this article, I will explain what is the difference between STPM and…
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What to Study After SPM? After-SPM Guide

It’s completely normal to be worried and undecided about the future, especially after completing your SPM. What’s important is to utilise the myriad of career and personality tests online to find out your own interests and options before taking this huge step! Otherwise, keep in mind that it’s not the end of the…
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