STPM vs Matrikulasi: What’s the Difference?

STPM and Matrikulasi are the two most popular public Pre-University courses in Malaysia, which means they all share similar characteristics. However, many students have difficulty deciding between STPM and Matrikulasi because the two are very different in many ways. So, in this article, I will explain what is the difference between STPM and…
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5 Challenges You May Face During Your University Life and How to Cope With It

Starting university is like starting your new life and is also a wonderful time in your life.  When you leave home for university, you embark on a new journey of self-reliance and self-discovery, gaining new and exciting experiences, personal growth, and freedom which shapes your long-term outlook on life. However, it is not…
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Minimum Wage for International Students in Australia

The latest Australia annual wage review has been released in July 2018 and international students get to enjoy a 3.5% increase in wages! You might not know this, but international students usually pay 3 times more than what a domestic student pay while studying in an Australian University. Aside from tuition fees, the…
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