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药剂学 vs 药物科学:到底该怎么选择呢?

你是否拥有想要帮助其他人的愿景?你是否对化学和人体构造有兴趣?你是否在未来想要在药品方面的领域工作?如果都是的话,你来到了对的地方。 但是!!!你是不是无法辨别药剂学和药物科学之间的差别呢?!那么快把以下的内容全部都收藏起来吧!他们会很大程度上帮助你在未来选择对的专业哟! 什么是药剂学? 药剂学是一个学习怎么使用药品的专业。他们会学习如何使用,保存,延长使用时间,和配药。药剂学是一个融合了医学和化…
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Pharmacy vs. Pharmaceutical Science: Which One to Choose?

Have a passion for helping people? Are you fascinated with chemistry and the human body? Want to pursue your career in the world of specialized drugs? Then, you’ve come to the right place.  BUT, WAIT – confused on the difference between Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science? Read more here to know everything there is…
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Top Universities to study Pharmacy in Malaysia 2021

So have you been planning to study Pharmacy in Malaysia for your degree? Wondering if Pharmacy is the right one for you? Let’s talk about Pharmacy together in this entry. What is Pharmacy? Pharmacy is the clinical health science which connects medical science and chemistry. It is related to discovery, production, disposal, safety,…
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