在观看《复仇者联盟》、《神奇女侠》和《哈利波特》等系列电影时,你会不会微笑、大笑或者是哭泣呢?你又想知道为什么这些电影能够俘获那么多人的心吗?不仅如此,你还希望有一天能制作出一部电影并想着在电影院观看自己的杰作,或是你想成为一名出色的 YouTuber,制作出鼓舞人心的视频内容? 如果你的回答都是肯定的,你可以选择通过学习电影制作开始你的旅程。 在以下文章中,我们将为你介绍电影的各个制作阶段、入学…
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Top Universities to Study Filmmaking in Malaysia

Do you smile, laugh, and cry while watching films such as Avengers, Wonder Woman and the Harry Potter movies series? Are you curious why these films managed to capture the heart of many? Not only that, you also have the passion to make films one day and are passionate to see your masterpiece…
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Is ACCA the Right Course for You?

You are passionate about accounting and numbers and you heard about the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). But you are not sure whether ACCA is the best course for your future. Before you make any decision, let us take a look at what this course is all about and do you have…
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