How to become a Doctor in Australia

What is a Doctor? What is your first impression when we talk about superheroes? Often, many of us will think of capes and masks or even associate them with superpowers like super strength and enhanced senses like our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman or maybe Doctor Strange with powerful magical skills. But in the real…
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ISAT、UCAT、GAMSAT 和 MCAT 的综合指南: 它们是什么?

什么是 ISAT、UCAT、GAMSAT 和 MCAT? 什么是ISAT? ISAT(国际学生入学考试)是澳大利亚和新西兰的一些院校使用的标准化考试,用于评估潜在的国际健康科学本科生的学术潜力和批判性思维能力。在考试中,有一百道选择题,涵盖一系列主题,包括科学推理、解决问题和批判性思维。 什么是UCAT? UCAT(大学临床能力测试)是英国、澳大利亚和新西兰的大学采用的标准化考试,用于录取医疗保健…
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A Comprehensive Guide to ISAT, UCAT, GAMSAT, and MCAT: What Are They?

What are ISAT, UCAT, GAMSAT, and MCAT? What is ISAT? The ISAT (International Student Admissions Test) is a standardised test used by some Australian and New Zealand institutions to assess the academic potential and critical-thinking skills of prospective international undergraduate health science students. On the exam, there are one hundred multiple-choice questions covering…
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