University of Southampton Malaysia

Actuary vs Accountant: Comparing & Understanding them

What do an Actuary and an Accountant do? Do you believe in beauty amongst numbers or mathematics? Or do you love the acoustic sounds of a calculator? Maybe you aspire for a career revolving around these notions? Then, you might want to consider pursuing a career as an Actuary or an Accountant.  Actuarial…
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为什么在马来西亚的英国大学学习? 近年来,在马来西亚的英国大学学习越来越受到马来西亚学生的欢迎,因为它可以为学生提供全球认可的世界级教育,同时还可以提供在多元文化和多样化环境中学习的好处。这些英国大学的分校配备了最先进的设施、现代教学方法和与英国母校相同的课程。此外,在这些大学学习的学生可以享受比英国更低的生活成本,同时还可以接受高质量的教育。 在马来西亚的英国大学学习的另一个优势是获得全球视野和…
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UK Universities in Malaysia

Why Study at a UK University in Malaysia? Studying at a UK University in Malaysia has become increasingly popular among Malaysian students in recent years as it can provide students with a world-class education that is recognised globally, while also offering the benefits of studying in a multicultural and diverse environment. These branch…
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