why study nursing


什么是护理学? 在老年时期,护士总是被认为是医生的一个单纯的助手,就像罗宾和蝙蝠侠一样。然而,现在这已成为过去!(再见所有这些传统的看法)!(护士不再被认为是医疗助理,而是在医疗保健行业中发挥着非常重要作用的医疗专业人员。 护士可能有很多不同的版本,但主要是为个人、家庭和社区提供各种护理和支持,以促进健康和福祉,预防疾病和伤害,并减轻痛苦。综上所述,他们基本上是胶水,握着病人的手走在康复的路上。 …
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Study Nursing in Australia

What is Nursing? In old age, Nurses are always perceived as a mere sidekick to doctors, just like Robin and Batman. However, this is now a thing of the past! (Bye bye to all these traditional perceptions.) Nurses are no longer considered medical assistants but rather medical professionals who play a very important…
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Top Universities to study Nursing in Australia

What does a Nurse do? We often hear about Doctors saving lives – What about nurses? They’re life savers too. A career as a Nurse is underappreciated, but should be celebrated! They play an integral role in the hospital management and system, safeguarding the healthcare organisation. Part of general Nurse duties and responsibilities…
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