Working Opportunities


身为一名国际学生不是一件容易的事。尤其是在涉及到你的财务的状况下。幸运的是——在澳大利亚留学其中一个好处是国际留学生能够在完成学业的同时从事兼职工作以支持自己的财务生活。此外,在留学期间边兼职打工还可以让你受益良多。 澳大利亚的生活费用 在选择你所居住的城市之前,你必须先了解每个城市的生活成本都不一样。一般来所,悉尼和墨尔本是国际学生的首选,因为这些大城市拥有很多的机会以及提供不同的经验。然而——…
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Top reasons study in the UK 2020

United kingdom is a state that is made up of the four separate first world countries : England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each country has distinct regions, each with large cosmopolitan cities, towns, historic counties and countryside villages. In addition to world class academic excellence, there is much more to do in…
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2019 International Student Work Rights In Australia You Must Know

If you’re an international student, your work rights are limited by Australian Immigration Law. But it can be challenged to understand your rights about compensation and hours, whilst living and studying in a new nation.  How many hours can an international student work per week? Students and their dependent partner can work up…
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