Top Universities to Study Physiotherapy in Australia 2020

Do you know that physiotherapy was established in Australia after World War 1? Many doctors were sceptical about using massage therapy treatment at the beginning of war. However, many soldiers required physical rehabilitation and thus, massage practitioners were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their methods. By the end of 1918, physical therapy…
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Top Universities to Study Forensic Science in Australia 2020

When you watch CSI (Crime Scene and Investigations) or Law & Order, you feel thrilled every time the police officer enters the new crime scenes or when they finally know the victim’s cause of death. When they catch the suspect and eventually the real bad guy, somehow you feel accomplished too. But, have…
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Top 3 University Rankings Systems

You often hear about “Number 1 University in the world’ or “The Best University Globally’. But how do you know that the university is indeed the best in the world? Who gets to decide that particular university is good and how does a university get measured in terms of ranking? These are the…
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