Top 3 University Rankings Systems

You often hear about “Number 1 University in the world’ or “The Best University Globally’. But how do you know that the university is indeed the best in the world? Who gets to decide that particular university is good and how does a university get measured in terms of ranking? These are the…
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How to Become an Epidemiologist? Top Universities for Epidemiology Course in Australia

First off, this profession is often unheard about and thus we found it a bit difficult to pronounce it. According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, epidemiologist are pronounce as /ˌepɪˌdiːmiˈɒlədʒɪst/. Or you can pronounce as: Eh·puh·dee·mee·o·luh·juhst What is epidemiology? Epidemiology is one of the 5 core disciplines of Public Health. This field is the…
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How to Further Study in Australia After SPM?

It must have been an intense week for all the SPM leavers. The anxious and nervous night before the result is released must have made you sleepless. But it’s okay, we are proud of you because You Did It! Congratulations to all the passing students, you have overcome the big hurdle. Now, it…
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