Study in Regional Areas in Australia

In recent years, more and more international students prefer to study in Regional Areas in Australia. The Australian government reported an increase of 10% of international students choosing to study in the Regional Areas in the year of 2018. Most of the students were reportedly from China, India, Nepal, Malaysia, South Korea and…
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Civil Engineering vs Architecture: Differences, Employability, & Top Universities

You often hear about civil engineering but unsure what the differences are with other types of Engineering, and most students would also compare the course with architecture. You are unsure which path, either civil engineering or architecture, to choose for your undergraduate degree, which one would have good employability after you graduate, these…
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How to Become a Teacher in Australia I Top Teaching Degrees in Australia

How to Become a Teacher in Australia? Have you ever thought about what life looks like without the existence of an undercover superhero called ‘Teacher’? Teachers are the unsung heroes that many did not realise or take it for granted. However, without the presence of teachers, it is impossible to pass exams and…
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