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什么是预科课程? 您刚刚完成 SPM 课程,您正在考虑:”我下一步该做什么?哪个课程适合我?是的,在完成中学教育后,您会有很多选择,如大马教育文凭考试(STPM)、A-Level、预科、文凭或微型证书课程,以考虑继续升学的途径。 在今天的话题中,让我们来讨论马来西亚学生中最著名的选择之一,即预科课程。预科课程是大学的 “预备 “课程,旨在帮助学生从中学教育过渡到…
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Foundation Courses in Malaysia

What is a Foundation Programme? You have just completed your SPM, and you are thinking – “What should I do next? Which programme is suitable for me?” Yes, upon completing your secondary education, you will be given lots of options such as STPM, A-Level, Foundation, Diploma or Micro Credential Courses to consider which…
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Which Foundation Programs to Choose in Malaysia?

If you have just completed a major exam like SPM or  IGCSE, you’ve just marked the ending of your highschool journey in life. Chances are your mind is clouded with way too many questions like “What’s next?” or “Which Pre-University course should i choose? ” If you’re planning to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree,…
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