Which Foundation Programs to Choose in Malaysia?

If you have just completed a major exam like SPM or  IGCSE, you’ve just marked the ending of your highschool journey in life. Chances are your mind is clouded with way too many questions like “What’s next?” or “Which Pre-University course should i choose? ” If you’re planning to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree,…
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你是否还在为SPM之后的去向而烦恼?身边的人有的选择继续升学也有人选择直接踏入社会工作。那如果你是前者,且还在为将来的升学之路做打算,这篇文章整理了一些SPM之后的几个去向和一些适合的大学供你参考。 大部分的国内外大学的入学门槛都需要至少12年的教育。根据马来西亚的教学制度,从小学一年级直到中五毕业,大部分的学生们都只受了11年的教育。而这就是为什么SPM毕业的考生们都需要先修一门大学预科课程才能…
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How to Further Study in Australia After SPM?

It must have been an intense week for all the SPM leavers. The anxious and nervous night before the result is released must have made you sleepless. But it’s okay, we are proud of you because You Did It! Congratulations to all the passing students, you have overcome the big hurdle. Now, it…
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