foundation in arts


如果你并不想修读理科学位课程 (Science stream degree course),并且比起文凭课程 (Diploma course),你反而对大学先修课程(Pre-University program)更感兴趣,那么你应该考虑修读文科基础课程 (Foundation in Arts)!当然,在马来西亚也有很多其他的大学课程,比如说A-Levels,AUSMAT, SACE,等等。那么,为…
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What Can You Do with a Foundation in Arts?

If you’re not looking for a science stream degree course, and are more interested in a pre-university programme than a diploma, why not consider a Foundation in Arts? Of course, there are several other university programmes, such as A-Levels, AUSMAT, SACE. So, why should you choose a Foundation of Arts over the rest? …
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Which Foundation Programs to Choose in Malaysia?

If you have just completed a major exam like SPM or  IGCSE, you’ve just marked the ending of your highschool journey in life. Chances are your mind is clouded with way too many questions like “What’s next?” or “Which Pre-University course should i choose? ” If you’re planning to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree,…
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