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我可以用我的 SPM 预试结果做什么?

为什么要用SPM预试成绩申请大学? 作为已经完成SPM预试的学生,你可能会想,用你的预试成绩申请大学是否值得,或者你是否应该等待你的SPM最终成绩。但是,听好了–用你的预试成绩申请并没有什么坏处!事实上,这可能会给你带来一些好处!事实上,这可能会给你带来优势。好吧,让我们为你分析一下。 你是否觉得自己在收到SPM成绩后就被申请奖学金和大学的紧迫性冲昏了头脑?你是否一直在思考为什么这么急…
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What Can I Do With My Spm Trial Result?

Why should you apply to university with your SPM trial result? As a student who has completed their SPM trial exams, you may wonder if it’s worth it applying to university with your trial results or if you should wait for your final SPM results. But, listen up – there’s no harm in…
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Which Foundation Programs to Choose in Malaysia?

If you have just completed a major exam like SPM or  IGCSE, you’ve just marked the ending of your highschool journey in life. Chances are your mind is clouded with way too many questions like “What’s next?” or “Which Pre-University course should i choose? ” If you’re planning to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree,…
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