Cheapest Cities to Study in Australia for International Students 2020

Many students dream to pursue tertiary study in Australia however due to the expensive living expenses and tuition fees, many put a full stop in fulfilling that dream. However, rest easy because there are Australian cities that have lower living expenses with affordable tuition fees, and some of the cities are also considered…
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How to Further Study in Australia After SPM?

It must have been an intense week for all the SPM leavers. The anxious and nervous night before the result is released must have made you sleepless. But it’s okay, we are proud of you because You Did It! Congratulations to all the passing students, you have overcome the big hurdle. Now, it…
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5 Reasons Why Australia Is The Best After SPM

Finally, you can say goodbye to high school and SPM. Sure, it’s a bittersweet memory. No more homework, no more morning assembly but I know at the same time you are sad because you have to part ways with your best friends that supported and cheered you throughout high school. But it is…
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