New Zealand

International student can now study PhD doctoral research in New Zealand under domestic fees

If you’re ready to pursue PhD doctoral degree, choose New Zealand and you’ll be learning in a university that is rated among the top 3% worldwide, and you won’t pay extra for being an international student as the country makes it easy to bring your family along with you. What is PhD Doctoral Research Degree…
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Australia Vs New Zealand – Which is better for education? | 2018

When one considers studying abroad in Australia, it is natural for them to consider New Zealand as well. This is due to its geographic location and similarities in living experience, culture, currency an many other contributing factors. Both countries emphasise the huge importance of delivering the quality of teaching to international students, thus…
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Study Law in Malaysia | How to become lawyer in Malaysia

Who should study Law as a career in the future Students who love to read, talk, write and good in subjects such as History and English can consider a career in Law. Becoming a lawyer required exceptional skills in oral and written communication skills, strong analytical skills, the ability to simultaneously balance multiple…
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