什么是法律? 法律是被描述为由有关当局制定并具有约束力的一系列行动或行为规则。 法律是公民们需要遵守的条列以避免制裁或承担法律责任。 法律在我们的日常生活中有许多用途。 它主要用于为可接受和不可接受的行为设定标准,通过法律提供平等诉诸司法的机会,社会进步,保护社会中的弱势群体等等。 成为一名律师是少数可以让您为社会或法治国家带来积极变化的职业之一。 成为一名律师不仅仅是解决问题。 它们可以有效地帮…
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Top Private Universities To Study Law In Malaysia 2022

What is Law? Law is depicted as a body of rules of action or conduct that have been established by a controlling authority and having binding legal force. A law is something that needs to be observed and obeyed but citizens in order to avoid sanctions or legal consequences.  Law serves many purposes…
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Top 5 Universities to Study Law in Malaysia 2020

What is Law? Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. The existence of law is important because it serves as a guideline in determining what behavior is accepted in society. Without it, there will be conflicts and clashes between social groups and…
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