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Common Challenges of Studying Abroad and How to Overcome It

Studying abroad is not all sunshine and rainbows, it could be a lot of fun, but certainly not easy. For those of you who dream of studying abroad, you should expect some road bumps here and there, but it should not stop you from chasing that dream. Here are five common challenges international…
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Top Universities to Study Mining Engineering in Australia

The first question that might pop in your mind when you saw the title of this article, might be, what do mining engineers do? Well, mining engineers work to create systems for finding, extracting and transporting natural resources. In recent years, mining engineering’s focus has shifted towards the development of mining equipment and…
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很多时候我们所就读的大学排名多少会对我们未来的求职之路有所影响,特别是对于竞争比较激烈的专业科系来说,所以选择一所榜上有名的大学将会对你的未来带来好处。QS世界大学排名(QS World University Rankings)是全球最受欢迎以及最被广泛使用的大学排行榜之一。根据2021年最新的QS世界大学排名,其中有36所著名的澳洲大学都榜上有名。在这篇文章中,我们统整了前十所澳洲著名大学几一些…
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