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什么是新闻系? 如果你对那些为你带来最新新闻的人怀有深深的敬意,或者渴望成为分享最新信息的人,我们可能有适合你的课程–新闻系。新闻系是马来西亚希望在大众传播领域深造的学生中的热门专业之一。 通俗地说,新闻系就是通过不同的媒体渠道,如报纸、社交媒体、广播等,收集、分析和传播信息给更多人的过程。受雇于这一领域的记者,花时间研究和报道当前的事件、趋势和问题,为我们的生活增添价值或可能影响社会…
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Public Relations in Malaysia 2023

What is Public Relations? Love sharing ideas and making your ideas come to life with your communication skills? If your answer is yes, we highly recommend you study Mass Communication, particularly in the area of Public Relations (PR).  So before that, what is PR? By book, PR is defined as managing the communication…
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Journalism in Malaysia 2023

What is Journalism? If you have a deep respect for those who bring you the latest news or aspire to be the one to share the updates, we might have the right course for you to embark on – Journalism. Journalism is one of the top majors among students in Malaysia who wish…
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