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Doctor or Engineer, which is better?

What do a Doctor and an Engineer do? In a typical reunion setting with your relatives, like with your uncles and aunties, you will surely be getting such questions – Ah Boy/ Ah Girl, what do you want to be in the future? Doctor, Engineer, or Lawyer? Does this sound very familiar to…
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什么是公共关系? 喜欢分享想法,并通过你的沟通技巧使你的想法变成现实?如果你的答案是肯定的,我们强烈建议你学习大众传播,特别是公共关系(PR)领域。 那么在这之前,什么是公关?在书中,公关被定义为管理从一方到另一方的通信流和过程。它的形式可以是从一个组织向公众传播信息,也可以是从一个组织的代表向政府官员传播信息。 无论组织的规模如何,公关已经越来越成为一个重要的方面,因为公关的主要目标是为个人或组…
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Public Relations in Malaysia 2023

What is Public Relations? Love sharing ideas and making your ideas come to life with your communication skills? If your answer is yes, we highly recommend you study Mass Communication, particularly in the area of Public Relations (PR).  So before that, what is PR? By book, PR is defined as managing the communication…
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