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Top Engineering Courses in Australia based on Times Higher Education 2022

The modern world we’re living in would’ve been possible without the work of engineers. It plays a crucial role in our society in many industries whether in healthcare, bankings, transportation, education and others.  Engineering has been implemented in nearly every aspect of our everyday life; from the design of vehicles, buildings, skyscrapers to…
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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a University Course

As you are reaching the end of high school or even your pre-university qualification, you’ve probably spent hours researching your next steps in life and are overwhelmed by the wide range of courses and industries available for you to choose from. Picking a university course is said to be one of the most…
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Top 10 Films to Inspire Your Career Choice & Recommended Universities

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and tired of reading and researching on career choices? Well, movies are known to be a great form of not only entertainment but also education. It’s time for you to take a break, grab some popcorn and watch these inspirational and raw movies that will not only uplift your mood,…
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