Top E-Commerce Degrees & Courses in Malaysia

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The E-Commerce sector has undoubtedly been growing immensely. At the same time the amount of e-commerce professionals have also been getting higher with the increasing demand for them. 

So if you are someone interested in this field, this is the perfect time for you to kickstart your career. 

Down below, we have come up with a guide for all of you looking to explore the options you have for E-Commerce courses you have in Malaysia. 

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is the shortened form of electronic commerce. It is simply the buying and selling of things online via the internet. It involves transferring money and data to complete purchases and sales. 

Today, from the smallest convenience store to freelancers to big corporations, everyone utilizes e-commerce to operate their transactions and make it more convenient for them and their customers as well. 

Here, we have few examples of the types of e-commerce:


Retail is directly selling to customers without the need for an intermediary.

Digital products

These are products that can be downloaded, such as e-books, templates or softwares that can be used for different purposes. Softwares and various applications make up a large percentage of e-commerce. A familiar example of a digital good might be Adobe softwares. 

Drop shipping

Dropshipping is the selling of products that are manufactured and shipped to the buyers or customers using a third party. 


Services consist of skills, such as, writing, photography, influencer marketing, which can all be paid for on the internet. 


Wholesale products are bulk products sold to retailers. The retailers then proceed to sell the goods directly to the customers. 


A subscription service is the continuous purchase of a product or service on a regular basis. A familiar example of a subscription that we all love would be, Netflix and Spotify.


Sellers will use crowdfunding to generate startup money to get their product to market. The item is produced and delivered after a sufficient number of customers have bought it.

Some Successful E-commerce Sites

Benefits of E-Commerce

The reason why e-commerce is so popular in today’s world is because of the many benefits it provides us with. 

  • Convenience

E-Commerce provides customers and sellers with utmost convenience by making purchases simpler, faster and less-time consuming, while also allowing 24 hours sales, easy refunds and quick delivery. 

  • Personalization and Customer Experience

E-Commerce helps businesses make their marketplace more personalized by allowing them to create rich user profiles where customers are offered personalized products and suggested other products that they might be interested in. This whole experience improves customer satisfaction on a personal level, increasing brand loyalty and sales. 

  • Global marketplace 

E-commerce allows businesses to reach customers all over the world, while also allowing customers to purchase from businesses all over the world. E-commerce has completely helped us overcome the restrictions that come with geography. 

  • Minimizes expenses

Online startups cost way less than the traditional businesses where brick and mortar are required.

Why Study E-commerce?

This program can be specifically appealing to those of you interested in the technological side of business operations. 

Amid the pandemic, e-commerce has skyrocketed in growth. With countries being under lockdown in various parts of the world, the world is getting more used to operating most of their economy online, paving the way for more expansion in the e-commerce industry. 

E-commerce penetration rates are expected to rise from 15% in 2020 to 25% in 2025. Hence, providing more employment opportunities with the increasing need to satisfy customers shopping online. 

Shift can be swift and vast in an ever-expanding industry like e-commerce. Rather than being a challenge, the industry’s transformation has resulted in more progressive functions for employees to excel in. Even with AI and other forms of technology, it is obvious that the human touch is still needed to keep the demand rising. Not to mention the development and application of the technology. To excel, you’ll need a mix of expertise from different industries, both online and offline.

In a global pandemic as such, perhaps the e-commerce industry is the most resilient industry around, considering there are fewer employment opportunities for most sectors due to weakened global economy. The E-commerce sector is definitely the sector being relied upon more, rather than less, during the current crisis. 

Studying e-commerce will teach you the essential skills needed for this new new economy and apply e-commerce technologies to businesses. It will provide you with the competency to operate and manage e-business activities on the internet.

What Will You Study in an E-commerce Course?

E-Commerce Principles


Consumer behaviour

User Interaction Design

Creativity and Innovation

Web Development

Digital Marketing


Career Opportunities For E-commerce Graduates

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sales and Marketing Specialist

E-Business Consultant

E-Services Manager

E-Business Manager

Market Research Analyst

Online business Entrepreneur

General Entry Requirements for E-commerce Degree in Malaysia


• 2 Passes in STPM with a minimum Grade C (GP 2.0) and a Pass in English and Mathematics at SPM Level or its equivalent.


• 2 Passes in A-Level with a Pass in English and Mathematics at SPM/ O-Level/ IGCSE or its equivalent.


• 5 Grade B’s in UEC with a Pass in Mathematics and English.

Matriculation/ Foundation

• Passed Foundation programme (minimum CGPA of 2.0) 

*The requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, contact Excel Education.

General English language Requirements for International Students






Band 4

Pearson (PTE):


*The requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, contact Excel Education.

Where to Study E-commerce in Malaysia?

Asia Pacific University (APU)

Image Credits: APU

Asia Pacific University’s Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with Specialism in E-Business is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature and significance of e-business activities and international businesses as a whole. This course will also provide you with a range of skills that employers look for, such as critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, incorporation of IT into business and the ability to conduct research on e-business. 

Moreover, APU provides its undergraduate students the option to choose the APU DMU Dual Degree Scheme, under which students will receive 2 Degree certificates, 1 from APU and another from Montfort University (UK). 

Course Details 


BA (Hons) in Business Management with a Specialism in E-Business


May | September | November 


3 Years (6 semesters)

Indicative Fees (2021)

Local Students: RM87,000

International Students: RM88,200


Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

Image Credits: IUKL

In this program, you will learn the broad view of e-commerce concepts, theories, and the success factors for e-commerce professionals. Students are also taught how to revolutionize traditional businesses into e-business as a whole.  

For those of you looking for a cheaper option for your bachelor’s Degree, this might be a course you would want to look into. 

Course Details 


Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in E-Commerce


March/June | July/September | October/November 


3 Years (Full time)

Indicative Fees (2021)

Local Students: RM47,900

International Students: RM58,700

Raffles University (Diploma in E-Commerce)

Image Credits: Raffles University

Unlike APU and IUKL, Raffle University offers a diploma in E-Commerce. If you are looking for an e-commerce course to do right after SPM or if you do not fit into the general entry requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree, diploma might be the way to go. 

In this program you will be learning the essentials of marketing and e-commerce skills and apply them into businesses, providing you with the competency to fit into the new knowledge based economy. 

Course Details 


Diploma in E-Commerce


January | May | September


2 years 4 months (Full time)

Indicative Fees (2021)

Contact Excel Education

INTI University (Diploma in E-Commerce)

Image Credits: INTI University

This program is also quite similar to the diploma offered by Raffles University. However, what makes this course unique is the fact that students receive an additional Global E-Commerce Talent (GET) certificate from the E-Commerce giant Alibaba. 

You will also receive first hand experience in the industry through their internship placement across a range of multinational organizations in the country. 

Course Details 


Diploma in E-Commerce


January | May | September


2 years 4 months (Full time)

Indicative Fees (2021)

From RM32,498

For more information contact Excel Education

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All You Need to Know About English Major in Malaysia (2020)

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English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, rank #3 after Mandarin and Spanish, with over 370 millions native speakers and over 600 million non-native speakers worldwide. In Malaysia itself, English is their second primary language with 50% percent of Malaysians are literate in English, according to official statistics.

Being able to converse, understand, and write effectively in English will enhance any career choice you made since it is recognized worldwide. To advance your knowledge and skills in English, taking an English major is the perfect fit.

English major is a program that focuses on not only the English language itself, but also its history, structure, literature, and also the culture of the people. This major provides sufficient academic and creative opportunities that allow students to study key figures, whilst also improving as playwrights, poets, or novelists.

Why choose an English major?

  1. Helps you write better

Becoming a good writer is never an easy job. It is considered one of the top skills that people are encouraged to have in order to compete in the job market. Companies out there are always looking for a good writer, and there’s no doubt that English major student is capable of becoming one since they relate closely to writing.

  1. Connect, communicate, and understand people

English is known as an International language, it connects people from all over the world. By the rapid usage of social media and mobile app, the nature of communications is constantly growing. As a result, many tech companies are hiring English majors that expertise in communication to understand the current trends of what’s happening now.

  1. The satisfaction

One of the personal reasons to choose an English major is the satisfaction that it gives. The feelings of reading and discussing a movie or book which such good literacy or writing a fiction novel that gives you mixed emotions of sadness, happiness, that you can finally understand it deeply. 

  1. Pathway to a rewarding career

As someone who chooses an English major, you have a variety and exciting selection of careers. English majors are prepared to organize ideas in a logical way, write well, and develop arguments. With these skills, you have chances to explore different areas of jobs. Below we provide some of the career options that you could choose in the future:

  • Advertising Copywriting
  • Editor and Content Manager
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • News Reporter
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Interpreter and Translator
  • High School Teacher
  • Writer
        5. Having the “bigger picture”

The degree courses normally will take 3 years to complete the entire program, depending on the university. Major in English is not just about learning the language, it’s also about knowing the history, culture, philosophy, even the art form of English. 

General Qualifications




Bachelor’s Degree (3 years)

  • A-Level: Minimum of 2 principal passes, or;

  • Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) or

equivalent:  Minimum grade of C (GPA 2.0) in any 2 subjects and credit in English at SPM or its equivalent, or;

  • Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM): Minimum grade Jayyid and credit in English at SPM or its equivalent, or;

  • Australian Matriculation: Minimum of ATAR 70, or;

  • Foundation: Minimum CGPA of 2.0, or;

  • Diploma: Minimum CGPA of 2.0


*requirements may vary among universities.

Subjects that will be taken in English major

Taking an English major will ease you from dealing with subjects related to mathematics, science, or anything relevant to it. So if you’re not a big fan of calculations or biological terms, then take a look at the subjects** that are usually taken by an English major that might excite you:

  • Creative Writing
  • Language and Linguistics
  • English as a Second Language
  • Composition
  • Literary theory and culture
  • Modern and Contemporary Literature
  • Film theories
  • Poetry
  • etc

**subjects may vary among universities

Recommended Universities in Malaysia

1. University of Nottingham Malaysia

General Intake: September
Campus Location: Semenyih

  • English BA
  • English Language and Literature BA
  • English with Creative Writing BA
  • History of Art and English BA

Indicative Fee for 3 years (2020):

  • Local: RM 82,800
  • International: RM 100,500


2. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

General Intake: March, June/July & Sept/Oc
Campus Location: Kuala Lumpur

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English for Professional Communication
  • Diploma in English for Professional Communication

Indicative fee for 3 years (2020):

     Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English for Professional Communication

  • Local: RM 47,900
  • International: RM 57,400

Diploma in English for Professional Communication

  • Local: RM 27,700
  • International: RM 34,700

3. SEGi University

General Intake: January, April, June, September
Campus Location: Damansara 
Qualification(s): Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English & Public Relations
Indicative fee for 3 years (2020):

  • General fee: RM 54,900

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Read also: Scholarships for SPM, UEC, and IGCSE Students in Malaysia 2020

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Top 5 Universities to Study Civil Engineering (Hons) Degree in Malaysia 2019

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What is Civil Engineering?

The duties of a civil engineer are to develop, implement, and control the infrastructure and environment such as roads, bridges, buildings, tunnels, canals, dams, airports. pipelines, harbours, railways, and sewerage systems. A civil engineer can be categorised into few sections such as geotechnical engineering, construction and management engineer, transport engineer, and etc. The rapid growth of technology and society leads to higher demand in the engineering field, in which the future for engineers seems to be promising and bright. 

People who are good at science and mathematics will found out that civil engineering to be their ideal course to pursue their education path due to the very nature of engineering that offers complexity and challenging experience. Various type of courses for civil engineering can be discovered in the vast field of the education industry in Malaysia included construction, management, and etc but knowing which programme suits you is critical and important. Therefore, we would like to provide a better insight into the depth of Civil Engineering.

Should I Study Civil Engineer?

Are you wondering what skills do you need to study Civil Engineering? well, these are the three key qualities and skills needed as a Civil Engineering.

Should I Study Civil Engineer?

Management SkillsThe ability to plan, organize, implement, solve, and control any difficult and complex tasks are a crucial trait for a Civil Engineer, one must be able to adapt and solve sudden situations that will generally occur on the working field. Handling numerous projects are difficult for an individual, therefore it must be arranged and organised properly in order to utilise the resources and limited time efficiently.

Excel in Mathematics – Civil Engineer studies the principles of calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and probability to calculate, measure and fixing the issues. In Mathematics, learning the basics are simple enough but mastered it proven to be quite challenging for most people.

Creativity – A Civil Engineer must be able to generate an effective solution to solve complex situations with great efficiency. Knowing the calculation is not sufficient for a successful Civil Engineer, the ability to ‘think outside the box’ opens up more potential ways in developing a solution.

In order to enter into Civil Engineering (Hons) Degree, you will generally need:


Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (4 Years)

  • Diploma/Foundation in Science: Minimum CGPA of 2.50; or
  • A-Level/STPM: Minimum 3Cs including Mathematics & Physics; or
  • Australian Matriculation: Minimum of ATAR 75.0 including Mathematics & Physics

Note: The information displayed above may vary between universities, colleges, and institutions.

Careers Option for Civil Engineering

  • Construction & Structural Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Coastal Engineering

1. Curtin University Malaysia

Curtin University Malaysia is considered as the largest international campus of Curtin University, originated from Western Australia. The campus is located in the Miri, Sarawak, mainly providing education opportunities for locals as well as welcoming international students in the Asia regions. In the QS World University Rankings 2016, Curtin University was ranked as 27th in the world and also given a 5 Star rating in the QS Stars rating 2017.

General Intake : February or July
Indicative fee of 4-years Engineering Degree (2019) : RM 118,784

2. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Heriot-Watt University, one of the finest University of Scotland. Ranked as the 40th in the United Kingdom and 7th in Scotland by the QS World University Ranking 2017/18. Excellent choices to study Civil Engineering Degree as its environment is refreshing and relaxing, plus over 200 years of teaching experience in engineering fields.

General Intake : September
Indicative fee of 4-years Engineering Degree (2019) : RM 173,120

3. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur was established in 1998, it is located at Kajang, Selangor. IUKL was ranked 59th place in Malaysia, providing opportunities for locals to study Civil Engineering (Hons) Degree with affordable tuition fee.

General Intake : March, June, September/October
Indicative Fees for 4 years Engineering Degree : RM 71,800

4. UCSI University

UCSI University was founded by Dato’ Peter Ng, located at Kuala Lumpur. It is considered as Malaysia’s best private university in the 2019 QS World University Ranking. In the World Ranking, UCSI is ranked 481, beating out as the only private university in Malaysia to make it in the top 500.

General Intake : January, May and September
Indicative Fees for 4 years Engineering Degree : RM 73,206

5. Nottingham University Malaysia

One of the ideal choices is University of Nottingham Malaysia, owned by Boustead Holdings Sdn Bhd. It was ranked as a 5 Star University and one of the leading universities in the engineering education. Fully equipped with high-tech laboratories and advanced workshops prepared for students to learn the full experience of science on the campus.

General Intake : September
Indicative Fees for 4 years Engineering Degree : RM 190,000

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