From Sketches to Screens: Unleashing Creativity with an Animation Degree

What is an Animation? Are you ready to dive into the enchanting world of animation? It’s like a spell cast over your drawings, making them come alive and busting a move to their own rhythm. Imagine wielding a magical tool that can turn your fanciful ideas into reality with just a few strokes…
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什么是马来西亚的预科和文凭课程? 你是一名马来西亚学生,正在思考预科或文凭课程到底是什么?我们已经帮你解决了! 首先,是预科课程。这是一个为期一年的课程,帮助你为大学做好准备。你会学到各种各样的东西,如科学、数学、语言和社会科学。基本上,它就像一个包罗万象的课程,为你今后的学习做准备。你会接触到一些基础知识,如科学预科或艺术预科,然后再继续你的学位,当你完成预科时。如果你还在想参加哪个预科课程,你…
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Foundation vs Diploma in Malaysia: Which Path to Take? 

What is a Foundation and Diploma Programme in Malaysia? Are you a Malaysian student pondering what on earth a Foundation or Diploma Programme is? Don’t be afraid of being a FOMO – we’ve got you covered! First up, is the Foundation Programme. This is a one-year course that helps you get ready for…
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