Top Things to Do and See in Australia

Study in Australia Hello, mate! Are you considering attending a university in Australia? It’s not only about kangaroos and Vegemite sandwiches, I tell you! There’s more to it than surfing and grilling prawns! You’re losing out on a great time, buddy, if you’re not studying in Australia. Let me give you a few…
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Study in Regional Area in Australia

What are Regional Areas in Australia? Dreaming of studying abroad in a vibrant country like Australia but worried about the high living costs in bustling major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane? Fear not! You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to show you how you can strike a balance between your…
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Part-Time Jobs For International Students To Fund Their Stay in Australia

Being an international student can be hard. Especially when it comes to your finances. Luckily –  one of the best parts of studying in Australia is that international students are able to work part time while completing their studies to support themselves financially. However, working part time whilst being in school can benefit…
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澳州最低消费学生城市TOP 7排名

许多学生都有到澳州就读大学的梦想,但很多时候这个梦想以及念头都被昂贵的生活费和学费而打消了。但请放心,澳州其实还有一些生活费用较低的城市,以及更容易负担得起的学费,其中也包括一些被视为比较偏远的地区。不仅如此,澳洲政府允许外国学生每两周工作长达 40 小时,最低工资为每小时 19.49 澳元,你可以在学习期间通过打工来减轻经济负担。所以,先不要那么快放弃你的梦想! 以下是澳大利亚前7个最低消费的城…
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Cheapest Cities to Study in Australia for International Students

Students who plan to embark on an academic journey abroad should consider Australia as an option. No doubt that Australia is one of the top destinations for International Students due to its advantages.This article will cover some of the benefits of studying in Australia along with a list on the Cheapest Cities to…
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International scholarships for A-Level and UEC students in Australia 2020

International Scholarships for A-Level and UEC students in Australia 2020

As a student from this generation, it is important to gain international experience to enhance the learning process, whilst increasing exposure to other cultures and ways of life. This is will allow graduates to have a better understanding of global industries. However, studying abroad can be costly, especially in countries such as Australia….
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