APEL Malaysia

What is APEL? The Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning, also known as APEL, is a process that involves the systematic identification, documentation, evaluation, and accreditation of prior experiential learning, also known as knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The purpose of this process is to determine the extent to which an individual has achieved the…
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Study tips to prepare for SPM

These days, students have been having a difficult time with the SPM tests. The SPM examinations, along with any other kind of test, may be quite stressful for students since there is a lot of expectation on them to do well. Nevertheless, there are a number of things that you may do to…
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你是否还在为SPM之后的去向而烦恼?身边的人有的选择继续升学也有人选择直接踏入社会工作。那如果你是前者,且还在为将来的升学之路做打算,这篇文章整理了一些SPM之后的几个去向和一些适合的大学供你参考。 大部分的国内外大学的入学门槛都需要至少12年的教育。根据马来西亚的教学制度,从小学一年级直到中五毕业,大部分的学生们都只受了11年的教育。而这就是为什么SPM毕业的考生们都需要先修一门大学预科课程才能…
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After SPM: What’s Next?

One of your biggest exams, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, also known as SPM is done! There are so many things to plan now and might become overwhelming & confusing. 2 essential things that need to be considered thoroughly are the course and the college/university. Here, we provide a handy list of things that hopefully…
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Which Pre-Uni Should You Choose: Foundation, A-Level, SAM, or AUSMAT?

What is Pre-University in Malaysia? It’s no surprise many who plan on kicking off their tertiary academic journey get overwhelmed and confused on which pathway is viable for continuing their studies. Your mind gets flooded with questions like “What’s next?” and “Is this for me?” due to how big the decision is and…
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International scholarships for A-Level and UEC students in Australia 2020

International Scholarships for A-Level and UEC students in Australia 2020

As a student from this generation, it is important to gain international experience to enhance the learning process, whilst increasing exposure to other cultures and ways of life. This is will allow graduates to have a better understanding of global industries. However, studying abroad can be costly, especially in countries such as Australia….
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Scholarships for SPM, UEC, and IGCSE Students in Malaysia 2020

Have you ever thought about applying for a scholarship before? If you have but still don’t know where or how to apply, fret-not since this article is perfect for you! Things to pay attention to before applying for a scholarship Applying a scholarship is almost the same thing as applying to a college/university….
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Top 10 Scholarships for A-Level Students to Study in Australia (2019)

Studying abroad could cost a lot of money, especially when your parent is earning ringgit and the tuition fee and living expenses in Australia are counted in Dollar (AUD). Fortunately, Australian universities offer a range of scholarships and bursaries to aid international students. In this respect, we summarised a list of scholarships provided…
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Australian Universities offering scholarships for A Level students

International Scholarships for A-Level Students (Australia) 2019

Studying abroad could cost a fortune. Fortunately, universities offer a range of scholarships to aid international students. In this respect, we curated a list of scholarships provided by reputable Australian universities. Be aware that the scholarships listed are for A-Level students only. For an overall list, please look at: Australian scholarships offered to…
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scholarship for a-level students 2019 study in malaysia

Scholarships for A-Level Students (2019)

What is A-Level Anyway? Did you just get your A-levels result and thought: “what now?” Not to worry! We have gathered a list of scholarships available for A-levels students in Malaysia. Also, we highly recommend reading our overall list of scholarships offered to Malaysian students in 2019 too. A-Levels is also known as…
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